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Russian Friday

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Russian Friday (Ch: 俄罗斯周五) was a semi-VGOC event hosted as a going away party for Oleg at Fuddruckers on Friday, June 23, 2006.


Those present at the going-away party. Missing: MF, Donovan

Oleg's eventual departure for Melbourne, Australia has been a long-known event. In fact, Oleg first released this information as early as December 2005. Several members of VGOC decided to plan a going-away party and invite over 40 people to send Oleg off. Non-VGOC who chose to attend the event included Beshmi, Rhiannon, Kriti, Hank, Wayne, Patrick MD, Donovan, and Curtis.

Because summer holidays was about to begin, the VGOC chose Friday, June 23, following fourth period finals.

The aim was to let Oleg have no knowledge of the event. Curtis and Oleg happened to be golfing with their SPED class that morning, and pending a call to Zhang, headed to Fuddruckers.

Members of VGOC showed up at Fudd's at different times. Nick, Zhang and Rhiannon departed from Nick's grandparents at noon. Curtis and Oleg came from the Golf Course. Beshmi arrived halfway through. Hope and Jiajia drove over.

Oleg has since then decided to stay in Canada.

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