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Ryan's Buffet Coupons

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Ryan's Buffet History

Opened in 1977 by Alvin A. McCall, Ryan's Buffet now has two hundred and thirty locations in twenty three states, mostly in the south and midwestern United States. Ryan's Buffet has seen much success in its ovet thirty years in business, including being voted America's Favorite Family Steakhouse for ten years in a row.

Alvin was born in South Carolina in 1927, the ninth of eleven children. Although he grew up in a poor family, Alvin worked hard from a very young age, joined the Navy during World War II, and then studied accounting and business.

He always had an entreprenuerial spirt, such as when he and his sister, Martha, raised chickens and vegetables to sell when they were young. Alvin started many successful businesses before he became interested in the restaurant business. Besides being an accountant, he also owned a construction business, a property development business, and a car dealership.

One thing McCall learned from these various businesses, was the value of good customer service. Ryan's is well known for its great service. They are also known for their high quality, and always fresh, food selection and its fun, cozy atmosphere. They have just the right space for any event, whether it's a small friendly dinner, a business get together, or a large family reunion.

Mega Bar Buffets

The highlight of Ryan's Buffet is their Mega Bar buffets, a collection if individual buffets located all around the dining area. For one low price, you can help yourself to as much as you like from any and all buffets. There is the main dish buffet that always has steak, chicken, seafood and hamburgers, the side dish and salad buffets, and, at every location, Ryan's has a bakery to provide fresh bread as well as desserts.

You can even buy cakes, pies or cookies to enjoy at home. They also offer special boxes for purchase that you can fill up with the food of your choice to take home when you don't have time to stay and enjoy the comfortable atmosphere.

Ryan's Buffet Coupons

Ryan's has a huge variety of food for their customers to choose from and there is always something for every taste. In fact, they do a great job of combining favorite comfort food with new and different choices every day. Some of the favorites are macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, roast beef and baked chicken or fish.

Side Dish Options & Dessert

The side dishes are almost too numerous to mention, but they include fresh fruits and vegetables of every kind, mashed potatoes or rice and gravy, corn bread stuffing, french fries and a great salad bar. There is also the wonderful fresh bread and home made soup.

Dessert Central is also a favorite spot, offering many types of sweets, including a make your own ice cream sundae bar. Some locations offer breakfasts as well, serving many hot and cold meals. You can choose from pancakes and waffles, eggs, cereal, both hot and cold, and a large variety of fresh pastries and fruit.

Seasonal and holiday specials are also a favorite. For example, you will always find turkey with all the trimmings during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season.

Coupons for Ryan's Buffet

Ryan's Buffet does not always offer coupons that can be printed. However, you can join their online customer club and find coupons on their web sight.

When you sign up for the email customer club, they give you a coupon for a free mega bar to enjoy right away. Then, at various times through the year, you will receive special discounts, offers, and coupons for your individual use. Kids and seniors are special people at Ryan's and they have special offers for them.

They always make sure to have kid friendly food selections as well as fun activities. Seniors can get a Senior Club Card and get savings on almost every meal. Also, everyone can "like" Ryan's Buffet on Facebook to receive special deals, and be sure to check their website, www.ryans.com, for additional information and special offers.

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