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  • Creator: Zent
  • Type: Criminal Organization
  • Motto: Unknown
  • Membership: 1 boss, ??? sub-command, ??? employees
  • Availability: Via request



Stealing Pokemon, making Pokemorphs by infusing humans with Pokemon DNA, other things.


Originally a part of a rogue Team Rocket faction who was causing trouble on Valgris, the Ryucross are a band of Pokemon thieves that are an almost complete mystery to everyone but themselves.

The faction from which they originated, had been working on a project to create their own Pokemorphs using humans and PokeDNA while posing as a Pokemon supply store. They were taken down by the lodgers, but not before two of their own were submitted to the experiment. These two had originally come to the Lodge to do their usual routine, and this is what led to the Lodgers discovering the faction's schemes.

The faction turned out to be led by a rogue Nurse Joy known as Dark Joy. Not only was she behind the morphing experiments, she was creating her own, ultimate Pokemon using an alien virus they had obtained. This Pokemon was named Project Dioxys.

When they confronted Joy, she sicced her new pet on them. A powerful Pokemon, indeed, until it was captured by a robotic Mewtwo. Even Sakaki had to step in to take her down a few pegs. In the end, Joy vanished.

Months later, the Ryucross began to appear. It turned out James had come to prove himself to Sak with a Pokemon duel. Of course, James lost. But in the end, he decided to change the Rockets (with Sak's persuasion) into doing noble deeds instead of the old deeds they had so long done. A Ryucross member showed up, only too late. But he warned them that even if Team Rocket was going to change, the Ryucross would certainly take their place, and then vanished.

According to some other members of the group, they are being led by someone named Dr. D.E. Pressia. Could this person be Dark Joy herself?

The Ryucross consist of both human and 'morph members. Their symbol is a broken red cross coupled with a dragon. It is unknown what they are up to now, other than thievery...


Dr. D. E. Pressia (boss)

The Legends (sub-command level 1)

  • Afterburner
  • Rayzor

The Sins (Special Ops)

  • (Envy)
  • (Gluttony)
  • (Greed)
  • (Lust)
  • (Pride)
  • (Sloth)
  • Ira (Wrath)


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