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Hello Fellow Classmates.

I've received a request to create a forum where we can share ideas, thoughts and experiences at our clinical sites. I hope this forum will work. It should be rather anonymous, as anyone can edit, or expand on the information. Much like the wikipedia web site. Feel free to add or subtract anything you wish. Hopefully this will make our clinical experiences a little easier.

Please remember however that this is a public site, and anyone who knows about it may view it, or even edit it. It might be a good idea therefore to keep this site to ourselves. Having people from the clincal sites know about or accessing could stifle honesty. Please try to avoid anything that could get us into troubleie: profanity, liable, slander.

Just click on a category below to view/edit the information on those sites. To edit a page click on the pencil and paper icon in the top right of the page. The links are listed below and changing those could mess up the connections. But feel free to change anything else. Click on the "Save page" button when finished. I hope this helps

Thanks and have fun

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