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Samskrita Sangha:Activities

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Activities | pre-2002
Photo Gallery
Online Documents
News Archive

Activities of 2006


  • 21st January
Why we need Sanskrit Poetry?, by Shataavadhani R Ganesh

Learning Samskrit

  • March
Spoken Samskrit Classes
  • June
Spoken Samskrit Classes

Lecture Series on Indian Culture, by Shataavadhani R Ganesh

  • First Lecture, April 6th 2006 - Abstract
  • Second Lecture, May 9th 2006
  • Third Lecture, June 8th 2006
  • Fourth Lecture, July 4th 2006
  • Fifth Lecture, Aug 8th 2006
  • Sixth Lecture, Sep 11th 2006

Special Events

  • 11th July 2006
Guru Purnima Celebrations
Plays in Samskrit
Felicitiation of Prof Balasubrahmanyam
Samskrit Songs
Carnatic Song by Sivaramakrishnan
  • 7th September 2006
Vande Mataram Concert

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