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July 2006

04th July 2006

Introduction to Indian Culture, Lecture IV, by Shataavadhaani Ganesh

The present lecture aims at an introduction to Vedas through a brief study of a few important hymns selected from the Vedas. Here, variety will also be taken into account, for, the Vedic literature is essentially secular and spiritual at the same time.

June 2006

19th to 30th June 2006

[Samskrita Sangha] Spoken Sanskrit Classes from 19th-30th June

15th June 2006

Spoken Samskrit Classes

We are once again having the spoken Samskrit Classes, from the 19th of June, till the 30th of June. The timings are from 6-30 pm to 7-45 pm. The classes with be in Aero Dept R & M building, I Floor.

08th June 2006

Chanakya Monoaction by Pavan Hari and Introduction to Indian Culture, Lecture III, by Shataavadhaani Ganesh

08th June 2006, Thursday

This will be the third in the series of lectures on Indian Culture. After the brief introduction in the first talk to some of the common terms, in the second talk, the focus shifted to the 18 Vidyas or Vidya Sthanas, viz. the Vedas, Vedangas, Upavedas, including Ayurveda, Gandharva Veda etc. and their significance. Also, the practice and significance of analogising any concepts such as yajna and veda as a purusha was outlined.

April 2006

27th April 2006

Introduction to Indian Culture, Lecture II, by Shataavadhaani Ganesh

After a wonderful first lecture, on the 6th of April, we're having an opportunity to listen to Shri Ganesh again on Tuesday, the 9th of May, 2006.

4th April 2006

Talk by Shataavadhaani Ganesh

We are having a talk by Shri Ganesh again, on the 6th of April at Choksi Hall. The posters will be up soon. This is the first in a series of lectures, on Samskrit literature/poetry.

Valedictory function for the Spoken Samskrit Classes Postponed

We might have it on 6th of April. There is no programme on 4th.

March 2006

27th March 2006

Screening of Adi Shankaracharya

Samskrita Sangha is screening Adi Shankaracharya in IISc tomorrow (28th March 2006) at 9-30 pm. The show is free and there will be only one show.

Conclusion of the Spoken Samskrit Classes

The end of the beginning(!), for the Spoken Samskrit Classes will be on 29th March 2006, at the same classroom (AERO). We will have a more formal valedictory on 4th April 2006.

25th March 2006

Spoken Samskrit Classes

The snaps from the classes have been uploaded. Find them here.

13th March 2006

Spoken Samskrit Classes

Ms. Ambika will be taking the classes from the 15th of March. More details here.

February 2006

8th February 2006

Spoken Samskrit Classes

Shri Venkatesh will most probably be taking the classes; otherwise, he will arrange someone else from Aksharam to handle the classes. In any case, it does appear that the classes will start from 13th of February (Monday). Waiting for Shri Venkatesh's confirmation before going ahead with the rest of logistics/planning.

2nd February 2006

Spoken Samskrit Classes

We're waiting for Shri Venkatesh's response on the Spoken Samskrit Classes. God-willing, we should be able to begin them at least by 13th of Feb, as against the initially planned 6th Feb.

Survey for Samskrita Sangha Activities and Participation

There is a survey online here, which you could fill out. It's a short one, to gauge the interests of the Sangha members and the Institute community in general.

Google Group + Mailing List

We have a google-group for Samskrita Sangha at http://groups.google.com/group/ssangha and if you would like to be a member of the Sangha and receive the list mailings, do drop by the website and join.

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