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Sarah Urban

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Hey everyone my name is Sarah Urban

So I am now 22 years old. I don't like how I am getting older.

So I am in AmeriCorps NCCC, it is like the PeaceCorps just in America. I am based in Denver, CO but we travel all around the centeral region. My first spike was in St Bernard Parish in Louisiana. Just a few mins outside of New Orleans. I working with the Red Cross on needs assessment, education, and entering data. I lived in fema trailers while I was there. My second splike was in Moble, Alabama working with Habitat for Humanities. I have been building houses and doing finishing touches on the once already built. We where living PODs which is interesting. My third skipe was in Des Moine Iowa working with the Easter Seals at a camp called Camp Sunnyside. I will be working with children and adults with disabilities. I loved this project. I wish I had this project first round so that I would have liked AmeriCorps from the start. Now I am back in New Orleans I am living in the ninth ward working with Emergency Communities. I am living in a gutted out church and in the church I live in a tent with no running water. I do a lot of different things this project we gut out houses, rebuild houses, and work in the kitchen because they provide free food for the residents.

Things I like to do:

  • Volunteering
  • Spend time with best friends
  • Walk my dog Ringo
  • Scrapbook
  • Staying busy
  • Talking with people



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