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  • Name: Sceaduir Inalisi
  • Nicknames: the Temptress, the Messenger, the Servant, the Bitch (by most Lodgers), the Harpy
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Unknown, appears to be in her teens or twenties.
  • Race: Demon (Harpy)
  • Height: 5' 6"
  • Weight: 110lbs
  • Hair color: Purple
  • Eye color: Red
  • Skin color: Medium
  • Home World: Gelthe
  • Player: Ali
  • Theme: Empress by Gamma Ray
  • Name origin: Via English, "shade," Old English "sc(e)adu," Germanic origin.
pronounced she AH do er or she AH dweer


Sceaduir is a demoness from Gelthe. Brash and sexual, she has shown up several times at and around the Lodge, taunting its residents and putting a curse mark on several. She is an "Inalisi," who have been identified as a cult or sect following "the master," Aurkura Inalis, presumably some kind of demon or dark god. She claims her purpose is to sow chaos, and repeatedly has said "My master will rise," implying there is more to this chaos she works than for its own sake. She, and the Inalisi as a whole, are enemies of the Gelthen pantheon.

She is one of Aurkura Inalis' most trusted and valued lieutenants, despite her weakness in comparison to other Inalisi demons. She is a skilled manipulator without the Mark of the Inalisi, and in the past convinced many to accept it without resistance, forging new and powerful Inalisi demons under Aurkura's sway.


Sceaduir appears to be a normal Gelthen human, with the pointed ears signature to that world. She is typically seen in a black bodysuit or cloak, literally wearing her shadow. When she releases control of her shadow, she wears nothing but a black tube top and hotpants. Originally I was going to have her wear nothing at all under her shadow but deemed this too explicit, hence the minimal clothing. Her features reflect her connection to darkness, with purple hair and red eyes.

Combat Style

Despite her cockiness and confrontational appearences, Sceaduir fights rarely. When she does, she completely subsumes herself in her shadow, transforming into a taloned, avian demon with two tails. She then engages in agile feral melee, using her talons and fangs to attack. She is capable of quickly regenerating damage in this form, simply rebuilding herself out of liquid shadow.

  • Inalisi Mark - She has the ability to place an intricate seal on someone, afflicting them with a curse. The curse behaves like a kind of magical virus, feeding on the marked's energy, amplifying a negative aspect of their personality and one ability. So far she has marked Tenebre, Kelly, Slash, Tiki, Alternate Tobi, and Ethan.
  • Shadowform - She is capable of turning into shadow. She uses this to travel, attack, and evade.
  • Will of the Inalisi - She can completely drain the will of someone who bears the Inalisi Mark and control them.
  • Shadow Blister - Blister Burst - She absorbs attacks, storing them in an ever-bulging blister or pimple, that when it is struck and opened, releases all the stored attacks as an AoE short-range, the power dependant on the attacks she's stored.
  • Dark Trinity - A triple attack of fire, ice, and lightning, manifested as the polar opposites of the triune gods of virtue: Fiery Malice (opposing Mercy), Icy Fear (opposing Valor), and Shocking Ignorance (opposing Wisdom). Each can also be used separately. Long-range high-damage AoE.
    • Fiery Malice - A fiery explosion. Capable of inflicting burn and berserk. Targetted short-range AoE, high damage.
    • Icy Fear - A wide wave of ice. Can inflict freeze and terror. Long range, low damage, high effect rate.
    • Shocking Ignorance - Calls down lightning. Can inflict paralysis and stun. Extremely long range, fast attack, direct damage, can chain to additional targets.
  • Deafening Shriek - She lets out an unearthly scream. AoE silence/stun, moderate damage.
  • Soulrend - A dark energy blade, direct damage single target, penetrating, psychic/soul damage. Causes summon knockback. Cleave.
  • Wing Flurry - A barrage of slashing wing attacks of wind and darkness. AoE, light damage. Combos into Winds of Blood.
  • Winds of Blood - Repeats Wing Flurry, quickly drawing blood from any cutting damage inflicted, heals Sceaduir, and strikes with iron needles after the heal.


Sceaduir was present in Gelthe for many of its incarnations, and was instrumental in the world's eventual destruction - the Last War. Following the events that lead to Gelthe's destruction, she departed the dead world in search of new territory for Aurkura Inalis to claim, arriving on Valgris. She was eventually slain before her mark could convert the Lodgers completely, but she has been resurrected by the Black Inalis to continue her work.

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