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Schick Quattro Coupons

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Schick Razors

Schick has produced high-quality razors for more than 85 years.

The Schick® brand of razors was started by Jacob Schick when he introduced the first single-blade cartridge in 1926.

Nowadays, the Energizer holdings company produces many Schick® disposable razors. They also produce portable beard trimmers and other products that can help you get the closest possible shave safely and quickly. These products include the famous Schick Quattro disposable razor that is available for men and women in drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.

If you would like to save money on Schick® Quattro disposable razors, here’s a handy guide to locating Schick® Quattro coupons that can help you find valuable coupons online, inside national publications and at your local supermarket for these useful razors.

Schick's Guide

The guide includes some interesting background information about the brand that Jacob Schick started in 1926. It also includes some valuable tips that can help you locate valuable coupons for the Schick® Quattro disposable razor online, inside magazines and at your local supermarket.

The Schick brand was originally developed in 1924 by Iowa native Jacob Schick to develop working capital for his inventions.

Jacob Schick was an American inventor and a US Army officer who lived from 1878-1937. During his time as a US Army officer, Schick worked on an invention that was to become the forerunner of today’s electric razor. In order to finance the work on this invention, Schick developed in 1924 a manually operated razor that used blades that were clipped on to the shaving head.

Schick Coupons

This razor was so successful that Schick was able to earn enough money to develop and market the world’s first electric razor that was introduced in 1931. In order to meet demand for the razors, Schick opened a small factory in Stamford Connecticut to produce enough razors to meet market demand in 1935.

Growth of Schick

Since that time, the Schick® brand has grown in popularity because it has introduced a series of better disposable razors that have included the first two-blade razor, the first injector razor, the first four-blade razor and the first disposable razors for women. This popularity has been further enhanced by the introduction of the Schick Quattro disposable razor.

This razor was introduced in 2003 for men who wanted an even closer shave. It featured revolutionary four-blade technology that allowed men to shave as close as possible to the surface of their skin. Early models also included an ergonomically friendly handle and blades that were easy to rinse cleanly.

Top Selling Products

Nowadays, the Energizer Holdings Company produces the Schick Quattro Power™ razor and the Quattro Titanium™ model for men that offer men a new way to shave. It also produces a modified version of its original Quattro for women. These razors use patented four-blade technologies to shave as close as possible without tugging, pulling or nicking the skin.

As a result of these benefits, it’s no wonder that Schick Quattro razors continue to be one of the top selling disposable razors in the country.

The Energizer Holdings Company produces three popular Schick Quattro™ razors for men and one Schick Quattro™ razor for women. Look for them at drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.

They include the following products:

  • The Quattro Power™ motorized razor.
  • The original Quattro™ disposable razor.
  • The Quattro Titanium™ disposable razor.
  • The Quattro original disposable razor for women.

Coupons for Schick

Consumers can find coupons for Schick Quattro razors online, inside magazines and at their local supermarket.

For example, consumers can get a coupon that’s good for up to $3.00 off Schick Quattro razors by visiting the Redplum website located at RedPlum.Com.

This website posts 2-3 printable coupons for Schick Quattro products each month. These coupons are sponsored by major retailers such CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Wal-Mart and Albertson’s. As a result, be sure to read the coupons carefully to ensure that they are usable where you shop.

If you want to print these coupons, be sure to sign up for a free account with Redplum. Signing up for a free Redplum account is a good idea because members can choose to receive free coupons in their email inboxes each month just for signing up.

Signing Up for Coupons

To sign up for a free account, please log on to RedPlum.Com and type in your email address in to “Save Even More” box located on the right-hand side of the page.

Be sure to look for Schick Quattro coupons that are place in magazine ads across the country. The Energizer Holdings Company regularly places ads for Schick Quattro razors in Cosmopolitan, Esquire, GQ, Women’s Day and other national magazines.

These ads contain coupons that can help you save $1.50, $2.50 and even the full retail price of many Schick Quattro products. As a result, be sure to search inside your favorite magazine each month for valuable Schick Quattro razor coupons.

More Ways to Save on Schick

Finally, be sure to visit Schick product displays at your local supermarket to search for coupons for Schick Quattro™ razors.

Some of these coupons are good for up to $5.00 off the price of Schick Quattro™ razors. Others are good for free Schick Quattro razor samples. The coupons are located in small red boxes that are placed next to Schick product displays.

These coupon boxes are placed by local and regional Schick vendors during annual sales drives. They appear about 4 times a year at supermarkets around the country.

As a result, be sure to look for these red coupon boxes located near Schick razor displays at your local supermarket. It might help you save a lot of money on high-quality Schick Quattro razors!

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