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Sea World Coupons

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Overview of SeaWorld

SeaWorld is a chain of marine mammal parks, animal theme parks, and oceanariums in the United States owned by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. The parks feature an assortment of animals including captive orca, dolphins, sea lions, sharks, and more.

They combine aquariums with educational displays, shows, and even entertainment rides such as roller coasters and water rides. There are three current locations in San Diego, CA, Orlando, FL, and San Antonio, TX. Previously owned by Busch Entertainment, it is now owned by the Blackstone Group- now called SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment.

History of SeaWorld Parks

George Millay, Ken Norris, Milton Shedd, and David Demont were the founders of SeaWorld, but that was not their original plan. They had first intended to open an underwater restaurant that held marine life shows. After these plans were shot down, they decided to open up a park instead.

SeaWorld San Diego was the first location to open in 1964 with just a few attractions, dolphins, sea lions, and 22 acres of land. In the first year alone 400,000 guests visited and proved the park to be a huge success. The next location to open was in Aurora, OH but it ended up being closed due to the harsh winter climate and other weather issues.

The next locations added were SeaWorld Orlando, followed by SeaWorld San Antonio. The San Antonio location boasts the largest number of rides and also includes a water park. The park was eventually sold to Anheuser-Busch in 1989 and they put in millions of dollars into the park to help revive the parks popularity and prolong the longevity as well.

Sea World Coupons

Popular Locations and Details

There are currently three locations of SeaWorld and each is popular for its own reason. A lot of people flock to SeaWorld San Diego due to it being a fantastic tourist destination with warm beaches and great weather. It is also the first SeaWorld ever and carries a lot of that history inside the gates. The SeaWorld location has rides such as Journey to Atlantis and offers a variety of sows including Sea Lions Live featuring two sea lions.

The San Antonio location is quite popular because it features roller coasters and water rides as well, giving tourists a very enjoyable theme park to visit. SeaWorld Orlando is also considered to be a very popular park due to its close vicinity to Disney World. It is known for being home to the original Journey to Atlantis ride. Many tourists visit the park after coming back from Disney World, helping make the park get a lot of traffic all year long.

Seasonal Celebrations and Events

There are certain times of the year that come around which make SeaWorld an even more special place to visit. One of those times is the summer, where the hours are extended and fireworks are shot off almost every night. Many tourists come at this time of year, thus making many shows run more frequently. Another event that is very popular is Halloween, allowing kids to dress up, collect candy, and watch spooky shows with the animals.

Every Christmas, SeaWorld locations are dressed up and run holiday shows for their guests. A large Christmas tree is often displayed during the month of December, along with lights, and special decorations. Hot cocoa is often sold and special attractions are made, including meeting Santa Clause for younger children.

Finding Coupons for SeaWorld

While the cost of admission to SeaWorld isn’t too steep, a lot of people are curious about whether or not any coupons are available for guests. While there aren’t any coupons widely available, SeaWorld often offers discounts at certain times of the year. For example, SeaWorld offers a deal where customers can buy a day pass and return all year for free.

This is in hopes that the customer will purchase merchandise and bring along friends who will buy a ticket. Another deal that is available for customers to help lower the cost of SeaWorld is the use of coupons that they have distributed. The park will sometimes work with popular fast food chains where guests can get a lowered price for tickets if bought by a certain time. In order to become aware of any current specials, it is a good idea to look online at the SeaWorld website and see whether or not any special coupons are available.

Rather than paying full price to visit one of the three SeaWorld locations, a guest can check out if coupons or any other discounts are available to help lower the cost of admission.

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