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Secret Deodorant Coupons

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The Worst-Kept "Secret"

Secret deodorant is many things, but as the top selling woman's deodorant in the country it is far from a secret! Since 1956 women have been depending on Secret to keep underarm odor and perspiration in check. Originally, Secret was a cream that you applied with your fingers to the underarm area.

Since then the product has changed quite a bit, and today it is offered in roll-on, spray, and stick form, but the product has remained true to its "for women" target. Their catch phrase, "Strong enough for a man, made for a woman" is one of the most recognizable slogans in the history of advertising.

Today Secret uses the slogan, "Fearlessness. Apply Daily." However the product still has the same strength that generations of women have depended on. In more recent years, Secret has introduced its Ultra Dry and Sheer Dry, to give women new levels of protection. Within the last ten years Secret has unveiled Secret Scent Expressions, to give women new choices of scent like Va Va Vanilla,

Secret's Variety of Products

Mystic Melon, and Truth or Pear. The idea behind this product is that women can purchase several and then choose the scent that goes best with how they are feeling that day. Its newest offering, Sheer Mineral, gives a lighter mineral application. Some scents also have body sprays available, to give consumers additional fresh scent.

Secret Logo

Secret's website has many tools to help women understand the differences among the various deodorants offered. Under the products tab, you can search according to the features that are most important to you to get some suggestions for which product would be right for you. For example, you can select "I want a Secret that helps me shave less often."

The website will show you Secret Smooth Effects, which has chemistry to make underarm hair feel and look finer, and also reduce the visual appearance of hair. If you choose a Secret that is good for athletes, the website will suggest Secret Sport, which "works harder when you work harder." Under the "Sweat Help 101" tab, you can learn about why we sweat, what you can do if you sweat excessively, and also how to introduce the delicate subject of wearing deodorant to your teen daughter.

Coupons for Secret

Secret understands that budgets are tight, so they make their coupons readily available through several sources. A Sunday circular called "P & G Savings" gives consumers coupons for a variety of Proctor and Gamble products, including Secret. Secret also has a Facebook page. By "Liking" Secret on Facebook, consumers can receive notifications of Friday Freebies, special coupons, and updates on new products.

Secret's website also has a "Special Offers" tab where you can find additional ways to save money. Past offers have included printable coupons and mail in rebates. You can also sometimes find Secret coupons in the stores. Known to couponers as "peelies", these coupons are attached directly to the product and can be redeemed immediately for instant savings.

Secret also features a link to MyGroceryDeals.Com on their website, which allows some users to search in their geographic areas for possible sales on products such as Secret. Don't forget that you can combine store specific coupons from places like CVS Pharmacy or Walgreens with manufacturer's coupons (like the ones in the Sunday circular) for even greater savings. When combined with a weekly sale, you may find you can get your Secret deodorant for pennies or possibly free!

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