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Sega City

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Sega City is a major metropolis near which the Lodge is located. It is one of the largest cities on Valgris. It is the focal point for most of the interplanetary and interdimensional activity, as well as commerce and industry. The main currency used is zeni, though many others are used as well.

Many residents have some form of supernatural ability or technology as a result of the hub properties of the city, though not to the degree that the Lodgers do. There is a segment of the population just as large that have no abilities whatsoever (called "normies" by those that do have powers).

add: mods, admins, SCPD, recent kaiju attacks, major figures and powers, districts/regions, culture, government, specific character-owned establishments or organizations... and no, I didn't comment-tag hide this list because everybody needs to work on this. ~Ali

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