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How to Shave Your Genitals

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Practice Safe Shaving

If you have decided to shave your genital area, there are some tips that will help to keep the process safe and ensure a successful shave.

Important Factors To Keep In Mind When Deciding To Shave Your Genital Area Whether you have decided to start shaving your pubic region regularly or you have no intention of shaving more than once, when the hair begins to grow back out, you will experience some itching and discomfort.

This is especially important to consider if this is a one time decision. If you intend to maintain a smooth genital area by shaving regularly, also keep in mind that in order avoid itch and irritation, you should shave often.

Frequency of Shaving

The amount of times per week you should shave should be based on how quickly your hair grows. You can avoid added irritation by using a clean and new razor each time you shave.

If you cannot use a new razor, make sure to use a razor that is still sharp and also be sure the razor has been sanitized. You can sanitize a razor by soaking it in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes. The possibility of developing ingrown hairs is high when you start shaving in the pubic area and having a sharp razor can help prevent this.

Preparing For The Shaving Process

First, make sure you have the necessary tools and supplies: You will need some small, sharp scissors. Eyebrow or mustache scissors work best.

Have some good antibacterial shaving gel, such as King of Shaves For Men AlphaGel, Shave Gel.

You may need more than one blade. For shaving in such a sensitive area, you should definitely use the best razor blades possible. Do not use a cheap or disposable razor with only a couple of blades. You also do not want to use an electric razor of any kind.

This can cause injury. Choose a top of the line manual razor blade, such as the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power, Schick Tracer FX, or Gillette Mach3. Purchase some Baby Oil with Aloe and Vitamin E. If you have a girlfriend or female friend, this will help. Otherwise, having a small mirror can be a good guide. You will need a bathtub and running water.

Directions For Shaving Your Genital Area Completely

Begin by trimming the hair with the small scissors. This will make for a smoother shaving experience. Be careful not to cut too close, but close enough so that when you are shaving, you will be less likely to get hair caught in the razor during the actual shaving. Trim hair above and around the penis and hair on and around the scrotum.

Shave the pubic area first. After you have trimmed all of the hair, it is best to take a hot shower. The heat of the water will make the hair softer and easier to shave. After showering, leave some water running and lather the genital and pubic area thoroughly with the antibacterial shaving gel. You can start by shaving the area above your penis. Begin by shaving slowly in the opposite direction your hair grows.

This may require you to shave in different directions, but do not try to shave large sections at once. Instead shave a small area and then rinse the razor thoroughly. When you are shaving closer to the base of the penis, pull the penis down to avoid catching skin in the razor. You should start to feel a smooth surface.

shaving genitals

Sides and Lower Region

Now, you will begin shaving the sides and lower genital region. This can be tricky and you will need to do this carefully. If you do intend to shave regularly, the process will eventually not feel so awkward and you will learn methods that work best for you.

As you start to shave lower in to the genital region, it is important to position yourself in a way that will allow you to sit on the edge of the bathtub or the toilet. You will need to be at the edge, but still able to feel stable. As you are shaving the lower sides around the penis, pull the penis to the side and make sure you stretch the skin out while you are shaving each area.

Keeping the Razor Clear

After the sides are complete, you will need to be careful while shaving the scrotum and surrounding area. Continue using plenty of water and shaving gel and keep the razor free of hair. You must rinse the razor thoroughly between each stroke.

You may find it helpful to squat while shaving the bottom of the scrotal area. Use your fingers to feel your way around. Most important, while you are shaving the scrotum and surrounding areas, keep pulling the skin tight. By stretching the skin and allowing for a smooth shaving surface, you will prevent unnecessary cuts.

Between the base of the penis and the top part of the scrotum, you can pull the penis up firmly and slowly shave this area in small portions. Having an erection while doing this can help with tightening of the skin.

After Care

After you have finished shaving, rinse the area well. You may use the shave gel as a soap, as it has antibacterial properties to clean any bacteria that may get into your pores.

Pat dry and generously apply the Baby Oil to the shaved region. This will prevent any irritation and helps with itching. You can use the Baby Oil again after a couple of hours.

If you do get cut(s) when you shave, the baby oil will also help with the bleeding, but you can get a small piece of toilet paper and stick it on the cut. The toilet paper will clot up the blood. If you do find that you develop an ingrown hair, it may subside, but if it gets worse, you may want to get it looked at by a doctor to make sure there is no infection.

Avoid anything that will cause you to sweat for the first day. The sweat can cause the shaved area to burn. If you naturally sweat a lot, applying baby powder after the baby oil has absorbed can help.

Taking Care of Cuts

If you are cut, practice caution during sex with partners if you are not in a monogamous relationship. The exposure from the cut can make you more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases, especially herpes. If you have herpes or an STD, wait until the cut is healed before you have safe sex. A condom will not protect some areas.

If you do decide to go for it and maintain this look, you will eventually be able to shave more quickly and you will learn what positions while shaving are most convenient. Your skin will also adjust to the shaving over time and will itch less, but be sure to apply the baby oil immediately after patting the area dry. You will still want the skin to be moist and your pores open from the heat of the shower when you apply the baby oil or it will be ineffective.

After shaving your genital area, in order to help with any itch or irritation, you can wear some comfortable pants and avoid briefs. Wear boxers instead. It will help to avoid any tight clothing for the first 12 hours after this shave.

Alternatives To A Complete Shave

Again, completely shaving all of your pubic hair for some people can be a big regret. The itching can be a part of the regret, but maintaining a shaved genital area can require a lot of time and money. The razor blades can get quite costly.

Instead of shaving your pubic hair entirely, you can also consider only shaving a portion and going with a nice trimmed look instead. You can still create an attractive look from just trimming the pubic and genital region appropriately. After a complete shave, you may find that you hate it.

Instead of shaving completely below the penis, you can shave the sides of the upper pubic region to form a well-shaped portion of hair and trim the hair so that it is not as long. You can create any shape you want with this hair at the top in the pubic region. Trimming the hair so that it does not have a “bushy” appearance can make a big difference alone.

You can also choose to shave the lower genital area and go with a trimmed look higher up into the pubic region as mentioned above.

To Shave or Not to Shave

It is a good idea to weigh out the advantages and disadvantages before decided to shave your genital area. You may also want to make sure the reason you are doing this is for you and not just to impress another person. If you want to shave your genital region to impress someone, make sure that this is a turn on.

It would be a real embarrassment to go through this much trouble to impress someone you are just assuming would be turned on by you having no hair just to find out that they are far from impressed. Many women shave their genital area for the appearance, but also because they feel more comfortable shaved. With men, this can be true too, however, shaving the male genitalia can be a little more complex and the risk of getting cut is greater.

Questions You May Be Asking

Can I use a hair removal cream or treatment such as NAIR or Veet? It is not a good idea to use a hair removal cream on the genitals. NAIR and similar creams are made up very harsh chemicals and work better on removing thin hair. Pubic hair is thick and coarse and you would have to leave it on longer to remove the hair.

By leaving the hair removal cream on longer, you risk serious chemical burns to your skin which can require medical treatment. So, hair removal creams are probably not such a wise idea.

Can I Get My Pubic Hair Removed With Waxing?

Yes, you can have this done. You will probably want to go to a professional to have this done. Without experience, you can cause more pain if you try to do it yourself and as a result of the pain, the results might not be so good.

A professional that has experience with waxing male and female genitalia is the best option if you want to look in to getting a wax instead of shaving. The only thing about going this route is you can expect to pay a bit more.

Why Can’t I Use A Regular, Inexpensive Razor?

There are a couple of reasons for choosing a good razor and unfortunately good razors will cost a bit more than your average plastic, two-bladed razor. The newer and more advanced razors are made in a way that are sharper, safer, and more durable.

They are less likely to snag hair or skin. With the cheaper razors, they are not as well made and are more likely to cause cuts and snag hair. If you don’t want to have to deal with a bunch of nicks and irritation, the money spent on a quality razor is worth it and better hygienically as well.

How Does Baby Oil Help After Shaving?

Baby Oil contains mineral oil and helps by sealing in moisture. This helps prevent the skin from drying and becoming irritated after shaving. When shaving, you create tiny cuts that are not even visible to the human eye. This is why it is important to use a clean razor and use antibacterial shave gel. This tiny cuts allow foreign substance in, which tends to cause irritation and sometimes infection. The baby oil helps seal these cuts.

How Do I Deal With The Itch When It Grows Back?

Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do except ride this out. The good news is, the itch will go away, but it will take a few days for your hair to grow out enough to not itch any more. Baby powder can help this somewhat, but if it gets too bad, you can always shave it off again.

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