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Showtime Broadcasting System

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Name Showtime Broadcasting Systen
Logo SBS3rd.jpg
Logo Alt Showtime Broadcasting System
Launch 1 November 2009
Suspended 11 January 2010
Returned 18 January 2010
picture format 576i 16:9 (SDTV),
1080i 16:9 (HDTV)
Owner Rebecca Field
Slogan One Good Signal
Your Network Your Time
Country 22px-Flag of the Philippines.svg.png
Broadcast Area Edinorodnogo
Pencey City
Affiliates SBS1
Territory Server 1 Analogue
Territorial Channel Normally tuned to Various Frequencies
Territory Serve 2 SD Digital
terr chan 2 Channel 15
terr serv 3 HD Digital
terr chan 3 SBS HD


  • Nestle Cream
  • Winrox
  • V-Fresh
  • The BaR
  • Baygon
  • Del Monte Fit n' Right
  • Lolo Dad's


First SBS Logo (October 24-November 20,2009)
Second SBS Logo (November 21,2009-December 24,2009)
Third SBS Logo (December 25,2009-Present)
Branding Slogan Years Active
Santi Broadcasting System Choose October 24-November 26,2009
Showtime Broadcasting System Your Network TV Your Time November 27,2009-Present
Showtime Broadcasting System The Unstoppable TV Network December 25-31,2009
Showtime Broadcasting System One Good Signal
Оне Гоод Сигнал
January 1,2010-Present
SBS News The Motto News Network October 24-November 22,2009
SBS News Your News Your Time November 23,2009-Present

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