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Sigma (character)

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This article or section reflects a concept or character as it is in EC, which is not necessarily consistent with the original source material. Please see the relevant links at the end of the article for the canon.

  • Name: Sigma
  • Nicknames: Sigma, Siggy, Baldie, Lord Sigma
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: N/A
  • Race: First Generation Reploid/Technological Virus
  • Height: Depends
  • Weight: Depends
  • Hair color: Bald
  • Eye color: Neon Blue
  • Skin color: White
  • Home World: Earth (Mega Man X)
  • Player: Z Metalla


Sigma is the master of being killed and coming back, due to his unique make-up as a technological virus, being able to transfer himself around even if his body is completely obliterated, making him quite the irritant to his eternal foes, X and Zero. He is seemingly an immortal being due to this, but there is always a chance that he can be defeated for good... eventually.

Currently, Sigma is conducting his next scheme on Valgris, how he learned how to cross dimensions is a mystery. He, however, seems to be conducting all of his business through his two subordinates, Kreff and Stanza, and the usual Eight Mavericks, so Sigma may actually not be physically present on Valgris, at least yet. What is known of his scheme OOC has something to do with Chaos Emeralds, but not much else.

He hates flesh-based beings passionately, purporting their enslavement or genocide, which nearly all of his subordinates agree upon, whether it be out of loyalty or common beliefs. Seeing flesh beings and machines in harmony or superiority over the machines are his most hated things, along with his foes, though he does seem to hold a respect for his more compitent enemies.


Considering Sigma's trait of getting new bodies when he dies, his appearence varies every incarnation. However, his head is almost always the same, and is immediately recognizable with his smooth, bald head, the vertical scars on each eye, his large chin, and the crystal he has in his forehead. His head seems to be his identity, and thus, must stay consistent with him, no matter what becomes of him.

Combat Style

Much like his appearence, his fighting style varies depending on his current body, sometimes leading to quite different abilities and weaponry each incarnation, ranging from beamweapons, to various sorts of energy blasts, to close-quarters weapons like claws, among other things.

Sigma always fights to kill, and will oftentimes go to great lengths to obliterating his opponents, usually involving ridiculously enormous (and ridiculously powerful) alternate bodies if he's beaten down in his "regular" body, even sometimes using his viral form to attack.

His use of deadly force varies in execution, from brute force to sneaky tactics, or a combination thereof.


Currently, check the external link for Sigma's history. In ECRPG, Sigma's storyline takes place in between X7 and X8.

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