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Silver Dollar City Coupons

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Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City, located in Missouri, is a popular amusement and theme park that has been in operation since 1960. This 1880s themed park is one of the most popular family friendly amusement parks in the country. The operating season at Silver Dollar City begins in mid-March and runs through late December. The park is closed throughout the months of January and February.

Situated at the mouth of one of the oldest attractions in the Ozarks, Silver Dollar City has a long history. The cave has actually been designated as a National Natural Landmark. The first record of the cave appeared in the Osage Nation around 1869. It was later explored by a group of miners.

The cave remained relatively undisturbed until a group of entrepreneurs explored the cave in 1882 in pursuit of lead. After exploration, it was believed that the cave contained marble and it was purchased two years later with the intent of mining marble from the cave. The construction of a town was planned on a nearby hilltop, although little development actually took place. What was thought to be marble was later found to be limestone.

In 1889, the cave’s history experienced another turn when a miner from Canada purchased it with plans to open it for tours. Sightseeing tours of the cave began in 1894, although few visitors actually came. For awhile the cave was closed until the owners were able to raise additional funds and reopen it once again after the turn of the century. Since that time, the cave has remained open and is now one of the oldest continuously operating tourist attractions in the entire Ozarks.

The Marvel Cave

Sometime after 1927 the name of the cave was changed and it became known as Marvel Cave. A vacuum cleaner salesman by the name of Hugo Herschend then leased the cave.

Following his death, his wife and children assumed operation of the cave and began to make significant improvements, including a train that was capable of pulling visitors from the depths up to the surface of the cave. It was then that the Herschend family began to explore additional ways in which they could improve their attraction.

Silver Dollar Coupons

The widow of Hugo Herschend, Mary, was determined that the 1880s themed Ozark village would be dedicated to preservation and authenticity. The family was also committed to preserving the stunning natural beauty of the surrounding area. Although Silver Dollar City was originally constructed to include a church, five shops, a traditional log cabin and a street show production depicting a Hatfield and McCoy feud, it has since grown exponentially.

Silver Dollar Today

Today Silver Dollar city includes 10 distinct districts, including the theme park entrance, Homestead Ridge, Main Street, Midtown, The Grand Exposition, Valley Road, Wilson’s Farm, Riverfront and Hugo’s Hill Street.

The park also includes numerous daily demonstrations, such as Brown’s Candy Factory, Duplicating Lathe, Carrie’s Candles, Hillcreek Pottery, Sullivan’s Mill and Wilderness Road Blacksmith. Along with the various districts and demonstrations there are also many rides and attractions throughout Silver Dollar City.

In American Plunge, visitors are subjected to a fifty foot drop at speeds that reach up to 35 miles per hour. There is also Elsie the Milk Cow, which features a fake cow complete with udders. Visitors are enabled to pull on the udders and milk the cow.

The first and oldest roller coaster in the park is known as Fire in the Hole. In this ride, guests are transported through a dark building set with scenes that depict a town that is on fire. The ride includes quick shifts to avoid broken bridges, fires and trains.


Throughout the year there are numerous celebrations and festivals held in Silver Dollar City. World-Fest is held during the months of April and May and showcases a variety of performers and cultures from around the world.

The Bluegrass & BBQ Festival takes place during the month of May while the National Kids’ Fest is held throughout the summer months. The Southern Gospel Picnic takes places in August and September while the National Harvest Festival begins in September and runs through October.

An Old Time Christmas starts in November and lasts through December. This traditional holiday celebration showcases foods, attractions and special shows. Throughout the celebration, Silver Dollar City is lit up with almost 4 million lights and features a five-story Christmas tree with special effects.

Coupons for Silver Dollar City

Visitors planning a trip to the park will be able to find Silver Dollar city coupons in a variety of locations, including the park’s official website at www.silverdollarcity.com. The site frequently has special offers and packages. For instance, visitors can purchase season passes as well as buy one get one free showboat tickets.

Other coupons and special offers available through the park include savings for military personnel. The site also lists sweepstakes with the opportunity to win special packages and family vacations.

Along with coupons and special offers, visitors will also be able to take advantage of special lodging packages on the site, including packages that include an additional day free.

In addition to the Silver Dollar City coupons and special packages and offers available on the official site, there are also frequently coupons available in publications which can often be found at local businesses in the Silver Dollar City area. Such coupons and special offers can help you to save a tremendous amount of money on your next trip to exciting Silver Dollar City in Missouri.

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