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Sizzler Coupons

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Dining at Sizzler is a family-friendly experience in affordable dining. The meals become more yet more inexpensive through the use of the Sizzler coupons that are available through weekly flyer deliveries or online with their E Club.


Based on the idea of a full-service restaurant with prices marginally higher than fast food, Sizzlers was created by Del and Helen Johnson in 1958. The concept quickly caught on and enjoyed steady growth as a family favorite. Though the 1990’s was an economically difficult time for the chain, which included filing for bankruptcy in 1996, they struggled onward and evolved into a, once again, successful business.

A single location in Culver City, Calif., led to the existence of chains across the western United States and other countries including Australia, China, Indonesia and Japan.

The Food

Sizzler became known as a place to get a good steak dinner at a great price. One reason for the great prices was the in-house butchers that were employed to cut beef for steaks and burgers, rather than ordering the meat through a middle-man.

Though there was experimentation with an all-you-can-eat buffet in the past, they have since returned to the roots of the business: steak, seafood and salad bar with a few options in chicken, pork and fish. The portions that are served range from large cuts of meat for the hungry diner to smaller 6 oz. portions for those patrons that are concerned with portion control and nutrition.

While steak may be the root of the restaurant, many customers find the endless salad bar to be the main attraction; indeed, many diners forego the full meal in favor of the salad bar alone.

Salad Bar

This World Famous Salad Bar certainly offers a complete meal by including hot appetizers and three options of piping hot soup as well as the dessert bar.

Sizzler Logo

There is a large selection of different lettuces, vegetables, fruit and other fixings for customers to create their own unique, and favored, salads as well as two salads that have been prepared by the restaurants. The hot soup selection includes, but is not limited to, chicken noodle, clam chowder and broccoli/cheddar.

Sizzler shows itself to be an advocate for healthy dining through the use of liberally placed signs and information regarding the nutritional value of eating a variety of different fruits and vegetables. These signs are designed to educate customers about the health benefits received from groupings of vegetables and to encourage the diners to make these healthier choices.

The inclusion of childhood favorites such as spaghetti and meatballs, tacos, macaroni with cheese, and chicken wings in the salad bar makes this family-friendly restaurant a preferred choice for kids of all ages. When the option to customize their plate with fun foods is given to children, they are often more than happy to eat the daily requirement of vegetables, and then some, in addition and actually find it fun.

Dessert also comes along with the salad bar and offers everything from fresh fruit to cakes and ice cream. Whether dining with children or not, repeated trips to the ice cream machine, with its array of sprinkles and chopped nuts, is a familiar site.


The affordable prices are made more so through the use of Sizzler coupons. These coupons can be found as inserts with weekly grocery store flyers on a regular basis; many families, in fact, scour through the circulars each week searching for the insert.

The most reliable way to obtain Sizzler coupons, though, is to join the E Club through their website. This Club provides advance notice of upcoming promotions and special offers in addition to coupons. The coupons vary from week to week, but savings can usually be found in the form of buy one entrée and get the second half-price, great discounts on the salad bar when purchased with an entrée, or a reduction in the price of an entrée.

These savings, when combined with the regular low prices at Sizzler, add up to great prices for a meal that is balanced nutritionally and fully satisfying to even the hungriest of diners.

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