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Smokey Bones Coupons

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Smokey Bones History

Founded in Orlando, Florida, in 1999, Smokey Bones Barbecue and Grill is one of America's great up-and-coming casual dining restaurants that caters to lovers of both barbecue flavors and more traditional smoked meats and menu items. Because the company is relatively new on the casual dining scene, it boasts a modest 68 locations in 17 states in the Eastern third of the United States.

The restaurant chain is known for its "mountain cabin" atmosphere, with the interior resembling something you'd expect to see in a Rocky Mountain hunting community. Large timber makes up the interior, and most restaurants have high roofs and an open, airy feel. Another distinguishing characteristic of the Smokey Bones chain of restaurants is that its many HDTVS placed throughout the restaurant and bar areas can actually be controlled at customers' tables with controls that allow for adjusting the channel and volume.

Recently, the company has been undergoing a renovation and rebranding phase that has sought to place less emphasis on the restaurant as a barbecue chain more emphasis on its steak products. The goal is to bring in a new type of clientele and turn the Smokey Bones brand into a well-regarded steakhouse and smoked meats location rather than a barbecue powerhouse.

As its popularity increases, so does the demand for bargains and coupons that give new diners and more frequent customers the ability to save on the dinner bills. Smokey Bones has obliged, establishing its own customer loyalty program as well as placing frequent ads in local newspapers.

The Bones Club

Smokey Bones is owned by the Darden Restaurant Group, and that entity has made sure that each of its national restaurant chains has a customer loyalty program that promotes brand awareness, repeat visits to its restaurants, and promotional deals and offers for those who subscribe to email alerts.

Smokey Bones BBQ Logo

For Smokey Bones Barbecue and Grill, this loyalty program is called "The Bones Club" and it operates exclusively online, sending email discounts and promotional information to users' email inboxes on a pretty regular basis. Those who take the time to enroll in The Bones Club will find special offers for free appetizers, discounted entrees, and meal discounts (either a cash amount or a percentage) at least once a month, if not more often.

They'll also get tips on the perfect ways to barbecue and smoke their favorite meats, as well as a great selection of chef-approved recipes for supplementing their favorite steak with some great, unique sides and bringing their favorite menu items into their home kitchen.

Members are also asked to enter their birth date to enroll in the restaurant chain's loyalty program and that's one piece of information they won't want to leave out.

Restaurants around America give diners special deals for their birthday celebrations, and Smokey Bones is no different in this regard. On your birthday, the company will send you an exclusive coupon for use at their restaurants when celebrating. Usually, this comes in the form of a free entree, which means your birthday celebration is on the house!

Coupon Mailings

Smokey Bones occasionally includes coupons along with the bundle of savings you'll find in your local Sunday newspaper. They're not the same deals as the ones received by Bones Club members through the email subscription program, but they're pretty close. Typically, these coupons will offer a free entree or $5 to $10 off a meal at the restaurant.

Also be on the lookout for announcements about a new menu item or recipe, as these can typically be had for free during a promotional period when the restaurant is testing how the item fares among its loyal customers. It's a pretty cost-effective way to deviate from "the usual" and try a new taste that you might not be familiar with.

Rapid Expansion and Free Meals

Darden Restaurant Group is pretty aggressive in expanding its newer brands, and Smokey Bones is no exception to their rule of quick openings. The company is currently expanding pretty rapidly throughout the states on the eastern seaboard, so if you live in of those states you might want to watch your mailbox for news of a pre-grand opening celebration.

In order to train its employees and introduce its brand, the company will offer free meals to those nearest its newest restaurant locations. This is not only a great way for employees to learn the ropes about their new employer, but it's also a great way to see if Smokey Bones is the type of restaurant you'd like to dine at. With so many steakhouses and barbecue joints expanding across the country, it's easy to write every new opening off as boring or "the same," but the fact is that Smokey Bones has some unique recipes and tastes that are worth discovering.

And, for the price of a tip, a mostly-free meal isn't a bad way to discover what you've been missing without a Smokey Bones location down the street from you house. Chances, are, you'll probably want to sign up for the company's loyalty program after your first experience at a Smokey Bones location.

The Bones Club Wins

And that loyalty club, known as The Bones Club, is by far the most consistent and frequent way to get deals from the company. Coupons are a great add-on, but they're not as frequent and, if the company determines you're out of driving range (even if you're willing to make the drive), you won't receive any coupon mailings at all.

Remember, this is a relatively new restaurant with comparatively fewer locations than its rivals, so you may not be close enough to receive these mailings even if you make the extra effort, and drive the extra miles, for a good barbecue meal every now and then.

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