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Snuggle Coupons

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Snuggle Products

Many families in North America have enjoyed using Snuggle® brand fabric softener for many years. Many families have enjoyed using Snuggle® brand fabric softener since its introduction in the 1970s. This seems to be true because Snuggle® brand fabric softener offers families a sweet-smelling way to keep their clothes free from static cling.

Nowadays, The Sun Products Corporation helps families enjoy Snuggle® products even more by offering valuable coupons online, inside bulk mail ads and inside local newspapers.

The Snuggle® brand was first introduced on a regional basis by the Unilever Corporation in the United States 1978 in the Midwest and in Canada in 1979.


The Unilever Corporation introduced this popular brand of fabric softener without its famous teddy bear mascot. Instead, young children were featured in early newspaper ads and commercials for the products. They showed how soft you could get your towels and blankets by using Snuggle® fabric softener.

While this proved to be an effective way to sell the product, company executives wanted to do more with the product line.

As a result, they commissioned famous puppeteer Kermit Love to produce a special puppet that would serve as the official mascot for Snuggle® fabric softener. This mascot turned out to be the famous teddy bear that you see on all of the TV, Internet and newspaper ads for Snuggle® fabric softener. He has become so famous that many 6” and 12” replicas have been sold around North America.

Snuggle Coupons

The mascot also helped Snuggle® fabric softener become one of the best-selling products in North America. This helped Unilever expand its Snuggle product line to include dryer sheets and new scents that first become available in 1993.

Visit Snuggle on Facebook

Nowadays, consumers can visit social networking websites such as Facebook to find out more about the products that still produce a snuggly-soft freshness that will always be a favorite among many families. As a result, Snuggle® products should still remain a family favorite for many years to come.

The Snuggle® brand has been owned by The Sun Products Corporation for more than 15 years. As a result, be sure to purchase these popular Snuggle® products wherever Sun Detergent products are sold:

  • Original-scented Snuggle fabric softener and dryer sheets.
  • Wild Orchid and Vanilla Kiss scented fabric softeners and dryer sheets.
  • Snuggle® Free and Clear™ fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

Snuggle Coupons

Consumers can find valuable coupons for these products online and inside their weekly bulk mail ads. For example, be sure to visit Snuggle’s Facebook page located at Facebook.com for a printable $1.00 coupon.

To get this coupon, press the “Like” button above the Snuggle® logo. Once you’ve done this, it will take you to a separate webpage that will allow you to print off one copy of the coupon that is good for $1.00 off any Snuggle® fabric softener or dryer sheet product.

If you use this coupon, please remember that there’s a strict one coupon limit per household.


You can also find local coupons for Snuggle® products at Valpak’s website located at Valpak.com.

This website features coupons that are uploaded by local supermarkets and other merchants to promote their business and various products. They often partner with The Sun Products Corporation to offer local coupons to consumers.

Local Coupons

As a result, you can often find local coupons that can save you money on Snuggle® products by visiting this website often. These coupons have included in the past coupons good for 35 cents off Snuggle® dryer sheets. Other coupons have included coupons good for 60 cents to $1.00 off bottles of liquid Snuggle® brand fabric softener that weigh 48 ounces or above.

To search for these coupons, please go to Valpak.com and enter your zip code to start your search for Snuggle® coupons. When you find the coupons that interest you, be sure to set your printer to “Landscape” mode to print your coupons. This is a good idea to remember because you get only one chance to print the coupons from your computer.

Coupons by Mail

Finally, don’t forget to look inside your bulk mail ads for valuable Snuggle® coupons. Many people tend to throw away their bulk mail ads because they seem to arrive too often in the mail.

However, if you take the time to search these ads carefully, you can often find valuable coupons for Snuggle products.

This is the case because many local supermarkets place ads for Snuggle® products in order to participate in sales incentives offered by The Sun Products Corporation.

As a result, be sure to look inside these ads soon for Snuggle® coupons. You might find coupons worth up to $1.50 off a box of Snuggle® dryer sheets. You may also find coupons good for $1.00, $1.50 or even $2.00 off a bottle of Snuggle® fabric softener that weighs at least 22 ounces.

As you can see, there are many resources that offer valuable Snuggle® coupons. Have fun searching them for valuable Snuggle® coupons!

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