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Spanx Coupons

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What is Spanx?

Spanx was born out of necessity like so many other things. The founder and designer of Spanx, a hosiery line that eliminates panty lines, looked in the mirror one day and saw that she could see panty lines through her white pants. Wearing a thong did not keep these lines from appearing, because she could still see the thong, so she set out to do something about it.

The first solution that Sara Blakely thought of was to shop for body-shaping hosiery in the stores. The products that she found were much too thick and they also had a seam on the side that could be viewed through her clothes. This type of feature is exactly what Blakely was hoping to eliminate; she was searching for hosiery that could not be seen and did not find it.

The second solution was to make her own pantyhose. At first, she cut the feet from a regular pair of pantyhose and discovered that she liked the look. The great thing about it was that she could wear sandals with pantyhose and achieve a flawless, pantylineless look. From there, she decided to create her own line of body-shaping pantyhose and spent two years creating Spanx.

Blakely succeeded in having her new line of hosiery sold at the high-end stores Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue in the year 2000. The day that a very famous purchaser of her hosiery called her four weeks later, the brand Spanx began to explode. Oprah Winfrey chose Spanx as one of the products to feature in her favorite things show that she does every year.

Spanx Products

Since then, Spanx has branched out into several different lines and products. The hosiery is no longer just the type that does not have the feet. The Spanx line contains slimming hosiery that has feet as well as leggings that reach past the heel. These products come in several different blues, browns and grays and can be high-wasted or control-bottomed.

Spanx Coupons

Spanx carries a line of girdles that help to bring the midsection under control. These products form a new line of merchandise that was given the name of In-Power Line. One item in this collection reaches to just below the bust line down to the mid-thigh area, helping to smooth everything in between. Women who prefer not to reach as high up as the bust have the choice of a product that sits at waste level.

Skinny Britches

Another new product line for Spanx is the Skinny Britches. This line contains shorts, slips and underwear made from the typical Spanx materials. Slimming shorts come in several brilliant colors such as ice blue and hot pink. The skort is a combination slip and short that maintains its shape no matter how the wearer moves her body. Spanx even has a thong and has been advertised as being highly comfortable.

Spanx is not just about underwear; they have branched out into the clothing arena with several shaping tops in their On Top and In Control Line. Women have the choice of turtle necks, scoop necks and V-necks. These tops have several different sleeves including the cap sleeve, the ¾ sleeve and the elbow-length sleeve; they also have several sleeve-less versions. All of these tops give women the control on top that they need to create the most flattering look.

Spanx are not just for women; Blakely has added a full collection of Spanx for Men. Men have several different choices in form-fitting undershirts to choose from that flatter the male physique. They also have three different styles of briefs and one type of boxer brief and they have been designed to offer the utmost in comfort.

Slimming Suits

Slimming suits is the Spanx line of swimsuits. These swimsuits can be found in one piece and two piece sets. Consumers who would like to have a lightweight cover up will find it on the Spanx.com website. At this time, they can receive a Spanx coupon code for a free Spanx tote bag with the purchase of a slimming suit.

Spanx Coupons

Spanx coupon codes give people, on average, at least $18 off of the purchase price for their items. Sometimes Spanx coupons can be found that offer patrons free shipping for orders that come to at least $50.

These codes can be redeemed when buying products online. At checkout, people just need to enter the promo code into the field that asks for it and the discount will be taken off. Other coupons will take the patron directly to the Spanx store where they can take advantage of their savings.

Another way to receive a discount when purchasing products at the Spanx online store is to sign up for their email list. Whenever Spanx is having any of their promotions, their customers will receive notifications right in their email inboxes.

It is easy to sign up; the only information consumers need to give is their name, email address, gender, zip code and birthday, then they will be informed about everything that goes on at Spanx.

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