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  • ...don't let that derail you--it's every bit rich enough for adults. For the artists and Francophiles among you." ...bizarre and culminates in one of the most outrageous scenes in the entire American literary canon. - rec by berendt
    15 KB (2,540 words) - 14:19, 20 July 2010
  • Local Artists (Champaign-Urbana) with CDs Feel free to add other local artists with CDs to this list (just click the "edit" tab).
    6 KB (877 words) - 07:04, 21 August 2006
  • ...//itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=201671138 This American Life] === American Lit ===
    463 KB (75,650 words) - 14:17, 1 August 2018
  • ...site which lays more emphasis on music podcasts. Instead of young budding artists having to travel from company to company for auditions, they audition at ho ...he devices anywhere and use at the same rate, without any sort of roaming. American, most European and Australian governments and service providers have alread
    63 KB (10,975 words) - 09:02, 19 March 2006
  • ...r sports in North America are [[ball]] games (baseball, [[basketball]] and American football), baseball's popularity grew so great that the word "ballgame" in ...was also influenced by the rules of [[cricket]]. As far back as the 1870s, American newspapers were referring to baseball as "The National Pastime" or "The Nat
    133 KB (21,854 words) - 18:45, 7 August 2011
  • ...ame developers and publishers parallels the relationship between recording artists and record labels in many ways. But unlike the music industry, which has se ...n par with that of movies) was seen in Japanese games several years before American teams began to seriously think about it. Japan has created some of the lar
    14 KB (2,156 words) - 20:30, 17 March 2006
  • ...site which lays more emphasis on music podcasts. Instead of young budding artists having to travel from company to company for auditions, they audition at ho ...he devices anywhere and use at the same rate, without any sort of roaming. American, most European and Australian governments and service providers have alread
    80 KB (14,052 words) - 09:44, 7 April 2006
  • ...n take care of themselves by being able to tender their shares to takeover artists who can make their investment more valuable than the current management. B ***See Powell memo ("this fight over the hearts and minds of the American people...")
    49 KB (7,563 words) - 22:11, 19 July 2009
  • ...sions of tracks, and sometimes even completely unreleased songs by popular artists (as in the case of the first important bootleg, Bob Dylan's "Great White Wo :VA Various Artists
    58 KB (9,679 words) - 12:03, 1 March 2014
  • This is a biography of the artists who wrote/performed the songs of this album by Eric Clapton. After having been part of the American Folk Blues Festival in 1965, Eddie decides to settle in Europe.
    41 KB (6,687 words) - 12:17, 1 March 2014
  • *"comedy of professional artists" ==American Selective Realism==
    16 KB (2,115 words) - 02:14, 25 April 2007
  • For literature written by English speakers elsewhere, see [[American literature]]; '''[[Australian literature]]'''; '''[[Canadian literature]]'' ...nd political liberty and of the energy and sublimity of the natural world, artists and intellectuals sought to break the bonds of 18th-century convention. Alt
    31 KB (4,793 words) - 06:53, 18 November 2010
  • ...the movement as the lifted stigma of Japanese traditions, reactions to pro-American politics, and attempt to search Japanese uniqueness in a larger complex con
    3 KB (550 words) - 09:35, 13 December 2007
  • ==Musical composition based on the work of visual artists== ...r: compose a piece of music based on the work of one of the following four artists:
    11 KB (1,987 words) - 21:37, 13 December 2006
  • ...opening of the Shanghai campus in 1996 Webster University became the first American university approved by the Chinese government to offer the M.B.A. in China. ...he faculty of the College of Fine Arts is composed of working professional artists and scholars who share a passion for teaching and who hold the belief that
    24 KB (3,596 words) - 07:12, 22 March 2012
  • ...shock" <br>and "the most audacious and debatable contribution yet made to American literature."<br>[2] He largely abandoned the metrical structures of Europea ...ut he had become its most famous exponent and was also associated with American mysticism. In the 20th century, young writers such as Hart Crane, William C
    16 KB (2,484 words) - 09:43, 20 August 2007
  • ...n, D.C., Fairfax County residents also have easy access to the Georgetown, American, and Howard universities. Many professional colleges and universities, such ...h artistic presence in this area, Fairfax County home to many professional artists who supplement their incomes by teaching privately. Numerous programs for y
    58 KB (8,398 words) - 05:36, 20 March 2007
  • Historic American Buildings Survey / Historic American Engineering Survey (don't know if we want to use this since it focuses on t ...ration, Folklore, East Asian Languages and Cultures, Jewish Studies, Latin American and Carribbean Studies, Near Eastern Languages and Literature, History, Ind
    24 KB (3,524 words) - 21:05, 23 April 2007
  • ...m interested in differences of English usage between British English and American English. I’d like to learn it practically with traveling through UK. To c ...ly, there is a fusion of various races in Singapore. For example, Chinese, American, and Arab live in there. So people in Singapore speak various languages. Es
    77 KB (13,028 words) - 07:25, 30 July 2008
  • ...Supported theatrical ventures and assisted African American theatres and artists
    2 KB (231 words) - 16:18, 4 April 2007
  • ...(U.S. Census)|African American, 1.16% Native American (U.S. Census)|Native American, 3.96% Asian (U.S. Census)|Asian, 0.06% Pacific Islander (U.S. Census)|Paci ...4% per decade, but the proportion of the other races, including indigenous American and immigrants from Asia and the Pacific Rim, has risen from just 1% to ove
    29 KB (4,291 words) - 05:04, 30 April 2007
  • ...use progressively increased and diversified. By the late 1980s most North American and European Universities were linked by the burgeoning network, and e-mail ...drive for a new computer. He was joined by Shashin Shah, yet another North American based graduate student, who for the next 4 years became a vital part of Cri
    156 KB (26,081 words) - 15:30, 25 July 2013
  • *Darius cats in rodent lands sometimes function as scam artists, using their reputation of fine taste to gain food and housing Also known as Blue Quills. Native North American flavor.[[User:Uriel|Uriel]]
    59 KB (9,938 words) - 01:16, 8 August 2007
  • ...At a young age Shakespeare may have viewed annual plays and seen traveling artists. These performances possibly ignited a spark that continues to burn. (Wrigh
    7 KB (1,084 words) - 10:42, 10 August 2007
  • ...ple Band had on the free jazz and Improv set. An ever-fluctuating group of artists, dole boys, punk conceptualists and record collectors, they were the first The next performance, as "[[American Evil]]" (an anagram of "Vince Earimal"), was on 19 August in Shoreditch. On
    6 KB (862 words) - 11:29, 26 August 2007
  • in American Pop-Culture and Post-9/11 Terror in American Pop-Culture and Post-9/11 Terror
    21 KB (3,624 words) - 21:53, 16 October 2007
  • ...x.php? "What is Your Fourth of July to a Slave?"] to offer context for the American Revolultion, as well as a text on the [https://www.college.columbia.edu/cor ...professors to raise concerns about the absence of a number of influential artists of color from the Art Hum curriculum, the lack of time spent on jazz in Mus
    3 KB (485 words) - 15:00, 21 October 2007
  • Institute for Research in African American Studies should be departments, academic space for the future establishment of Native American
    24 KB (3,700 words) - 22:07, 23 October 2007
  • ...All these freedoms should be guarenteed by a written document, such as the American Bill of Rights or the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citiz ...ident is Romantic writing, painting, sculpture and music. notable romantic artists : Lord Byron, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, William Wordsworth, Caspar David
    23 KB (3,546 words) - 04:30, 11 December 2007
  • ...''' A new art form that originated in France in the 1870s when a group of artists rejected the studios and museums and went out into the countryside to paint ...e camera does better?" Unlike the camera, which could only mirror reality, artists could create reality. Individual consciousness became the source of meaning
    20 KB (3,226 words) - 05:52, 1 April 2008
  • ...l. In 2004, Rolling Stone ranked him #49 on their list of the 100 greatest artists of all time. ...rican Idol. Sparks won at the age of 17, making her the youngest winner in American Idol history.
    22 KB (3,150 words) - 04:43, 27 August 2008
  • ...American Idol. Jackson was most recently featured in the seventh season of American Idol. ..., American Idol. Abdul was most recently featured in the seventh season of American Idol.
    19 KB (2,560 words) - 06:12, 7 September 2008
  • ...mpletely give way to its flashy cousin, especially not as long as talented artists continue to produce wonderful music. Thanks to these individuals, just a fe ...nd gospel. He continues to be one of history's most famous acoustic guitar artists.
    9 KB (1,480 words) - 18:20, 9 October 2008
  • ...Starlight gear from a reputable dealer. The market is crowded with rip-off artists and scammers. One dealer that I trust, is Al Glanze (spoken "Glan-zee") who
    20 KB (3,197 words) - 23:59, 12 December 2008
  • | align="left"| '''Associated Acts:'''<br>[[Hannah Montana]]<br>[[Artists Stand Up to Cancer]] Miley Cyrus is an American pop singer. She is best known for her role as teen pop sensation, [[Hannah
    4 KB (611 words) - 22:19, 13 April 2009
  • *[[American Gladiators (2008 TV series)|American Gladiators]]¹ *The American Chart Show
    42 KB (5,462 words) - 06:11, 16 July 2009
  • Ten artists were used to develop the visual effects for the film. To illustrate the des ...United States and Canada. The UK release contains 22 tracks, and the North American release has 14. Although featured in the film as a Broadway version sung in
    24 KB (4,019 words) - 05:06, 22 August 2009
  • ...Kandinsky, Paul Klee, John Cage, Saul Steinberg, and others. Most of these artists were musicians themselves and loved the particular qualities unique to musi There will be stories of artists who have combined music and visual art, and the evening will also include l
    27 KB (4,083 words) - 14:42, 17 June 2011
  • You can also visit the official american website for further information : Source: http://www1.american.edu/initeb/sm4801a/epayment1.htm
    244 KB (40,343 words) - 22:20, 27 October 2009
  • ...erican [[hip-hop]] single ''[[Number One (Pharrell song)|Number One]]'' by artists [[Kanye West]] and [[Pharrell]].
    9 KB (1,396 words) - 01:57, 30 October 2009
  • ...ns|Amy Juergens]] in the [[ABC Family]] series, ''[[The Secret Life of the American Teenager]]'' and also for portraying [[Kaitlin Cooper]] (the sister of [[Ma ...ey currently stars in the [[ABC Family]] series ''[[The Secret Life of the American Teenager]]'' as Amy Juergens, a 15 year old who discovers she is [[pregnant
    7 KB (960 words) - 07:59, 18 January 2010
  • The government wants to limit what artists can say - So called "gangster" rappers are being arrested and prosecuted wh ...e labels like Universal and such have more interest/pay more money for new artists.
    3 KB (565 words) - 16:38, 18 February 2010
  • ...round the world, 30 heads of states or governments, renowned academicians, artists and the faith leaders, including head of the Chinmaya Mission in New Delhi. Halliburton’s North American sales, its largest source of revenue, rose 83 percent to $2.63 billion even
    282 KB (40,800 words) - 15:59, 5 September 2011

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