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Square Magic

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Square magic is a type of magic commonly used in ECRPG. It is from the Worlds of Square (as they are known IC) / the Final Fantasy games.

Square magic is usually divided into several schools:
Red, practicioners of both Black and White magic and have a fair melee ability.
Blue, an odd class of mages who learn their spells by absorbing them from foes.
Black, masters of the elemental and dark arts.
White, the medical mage, who also has numerous spells to combat the undead.

Each of these four schools specialize in one or more of the elements, including, but not limited to:
Stone, control over things stone and earthen. Characterized by the Stone series of spells and Quake.
Air, control over the winds, characterized by Aero, which crafts blades of compressed air to slash the enemy.
Fire, the power to call on spontaneous magical fire. Characterized by the Fire series.
Ice, the power to freeze. Characterized by the Blizzard series.
Water, to wash away enemies in a sea of magically-summoned water. Characterized by the Water series.
Thunder, calling down lightning strikes to zap enemies. Characterized by the Thunder series.
Poison, the power to weaken a foe into submission. Characterized by Poison and Bio series.
Holy, the signature power of White Mages, capable of healing the living and harming the undead. Characterized by the Cure series.
Protection, to aid in battle. Characterized by the Protect and Shell series.
Time, limited control over time in a given area. Characterized by the Haste and Slow series.
Gravity, control over the primordial force of gravity. Characterized by the spell Gravity.

The specific schools differ from game to game and their usage in EC varies widely. There are also summoners, who use an entirely different set of magic (although their association with White Mages may lend to an idea that the two schools are linked).

Power Tier

  • (Spell)
  • (Spell)ra/2
  • (Spell)ga/3
  • (Spell)ja/4

Alternate variants of the spell system can also produce the power tier of

  • (Spell)/2/3/4/5
  • (Spell)ga/2/3/4

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