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Squid War

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A sustained military conflict between the demons and magic users of Canada and the forces of the United States and Mexico. This short but destive conflict upset the balance of power of the North American Continent, lead directly to the establishment of the Dominion and created resistance to magic that persists to the current day.


The First Stage

The Second Stage

The Final Assault

Impact of the Squid War

  • 86,572 American military personnel killed in action. 3,411 American personnel wounded in action. 68 American military personnel missing in action. 419 American civilian fatalities.
  • 7,803 Squid agent fatalities. 2,397 full-demon fatalities. No recorded significant non-fatal injuries for Squid personnel. 104 Squid forces missing in action. 11,484 Canadian civilian fatalities.
  • 6,325 Mexican military personnel killed in action. 4,280 Mexican military personnel wounded in action. 5 Mexican military personnel missing in action. 83 Mexican civilian fatalities.
  • The Squid War was directly responsible for the formation of the Jemhadar and the resulting military tyranny of the continent under the Dominion. Insofar as it introduced magic on a widespread scale, many also hold this conflict responsible for the dispute over magic-use.
  • Culturally, the Squid War caused a rapid upsurge in Christianity, followed by an even more radical decline. The increase in popular nihilist tendencies and increased consolidation of major news organization are also typically identified as originating in this period.

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