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Startup Weekend/Events

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3636 El Camino Real Palo Alto, CA 94306

Friday, March 23rd

Dinner @ 7:30 PM TONIGHT - Taqueria El Grullense

In town for Startup School? We're all meeting at 7:30 PM TONIGHT for a quick get-together.


3636 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Call Ryan Park if you need directions or anything.

Click here for google maps


Leave a cell# if you want us to call you on Friday with details!

  • Siqi Chen (714 423 2748)
  • Omar Bohsali (703.470.7012)
  • Nate Clark (678-612-1613) - I'll try ... my flight gets into SFO around 5:00 on Fri and then I'm meeting up with a friend. Let me know when and where
  • Daniel Ha (408-896-8066)
  • Ryan Park
  • Matt Wensing
  • Quinn Slack - 847-347-8478 I have a car and can fit a few more people. Call/email me if you want a ride (email is on website)
  • Mooneer Salem - (951.662.1694)
  • Andrew Kavanaugh (216-394-3336) - I get in to SFO in the morning and am staying downtown, might be up for some drinks.
  • Jordan Willms (604.306.9539) I'll be in town Friday for the open source CMS conference, as such I'm down to meetup nighttime.
  • Matt Culbreth 678.371.6213
  • Eddie Kim 951.440.1537
  • Andrew Yates (408.826.1121)
  • Tom Music (253-653-4103) -- I'm staying in Palo Alto, but I might get a car.
  • Larry Kubin 512.626.2476
  • Vincent Woon 650 796 3863 - In Sunnyvale.
  • Nick Dimiduk 614.657.0267 -- Staying in Palo Alto.
  • Shawn Van Ittersum -- Have car, seats four.
  • Neil Abraham 201.259.6640
  • Josh Reeves - 650.804.2745 >> Looking forward to meeting up!
  • James Ream (262-332-0500) looking forward to meeting people, staying in Palo Alto, no car, but possible access to a limo... give me a call!
  • Nathan Bowers 818.917.4482 Staying at Stanford Park Hotel, will have a car.
  • Ryan Junee 650-804-8740. Local to Palo Alto, have car that can seat 1 extra.
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Peets Coffee @ 8AM (map)
Picture of shdh VII. SHDH 16 is March 24th, from 1PM to 1AM

Saturday, March 24th

Startup School, of course!; 9am till 5:30


Find out who's attending on facebook.

super happy dev house; 1pm till 1am

Those should be GREAT. see more @ http://shdh.org. For an idea of what this is like, check out SHDH on flickr. If you're going, be sure to RSVP on upcoming.org.

Tom Music: "As Mooneer mentions below, going to SHDH as a group (using Sam's van) might be a good idea. My only caveat is my required return time; I'm staying in Palo Alto, and will need to check out of my hotel Sunday morning and get to SJC by 10:00am.
Does anyone else have timing preferences, and does this jive?"

Sunday, March 25th

Nothing planned yet... add something!

Disc Golf in Santa Cruz

Monday, March 26th

Nothing planned yet... add something!

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