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Stoney River Steakhouse Coupons

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About Stoney River Steakhouse

The Stoney River Steakhouse is a small chain of steakhouses which have been in operation since 2000. The restaurant was initially started by Atlanta-based restaurant owners David Rowe and Pierre Panos, but the company was acquired by the O’Charleys restaurant chain a few years after opening.

The original owners grew the chain to three restaurants, but under the O’Charleys organization the chain has grown to 11 locations.

The restaurants are located throughout the eastern United States and are located in Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois, and Tennessee. The O’Charleys organization owns a total of 363 restaurants under the Stoney River Steakhouse, O’Charleys, and Ninety Nine Restaurant brands.

As could be expected with the name of the restaurant, the Stoney River Steakhouse is best known for serving a high quality selection of steaks and chops. At each of the restaurants a customer can choose from a variety of different cuts of steak including filets and strip steaks.

Menu Items

The restaurant also frequently updates their menu to include other signature steaks as well. Steaks are generally served with various side dishes including potatoes and vegetables.

Stoney River Coupons

While the restaurant may be best known for its steaks and chops, there are a variety of other entrée options that a customer could choose from. Each of the restaurants frequently serves baby back ribs, fried shrimp, pork chops, and various chicken dishes.

Those looking for a lighter meal option could choose from a few different fish dishes or from a variety of different signature salads. Each Stoney River Steakhouse also has a large menu of sandwich options which include prime burgers, steak sandwiches, fish filet sandwiches, and club sandwiches. Sandwiches can almost always be paired with a cup of soup or side salad.


The Stoney River Steakhouse also has a various selection of appetizers and desserts. To start many customers choose to start with their famous spinach artichoke dip or their shrimp appetizers.

The dessert menu includes many decadent options including crème brulee, cheesecake, and a fudge cake. Those customers who wish to enjoy a cocktail with their meal, or want to relax at the bar, also have many options. Each location has a large selection of wines, beers, and mixed drinks for customers to choose from.


Prices at The Stoney River Steakhouse tend to be more affordable than other steakhouses, but customers can often find a way to receive coupons and discounts at each of the restaurants. One of the best ways to consistently receive coupons and discounts at The Stoney River Steakhouse is to visit the restaurant’s website.

Through the website a customer can at times find printable coupons advertised on the main page. These can be used to receive discounts on entrees, appetizers, and desserts.

Rewards Program

It would also be a good idea to sign up for The Stoney River Steakhouse’s rewards program, which is called The Red Canoe Society. To sign up for The Red Canoe Society all a member has to do is provide their email address.

Once signed up a member will typically immediately receive a free printable coupon. Going forward printable coupons will be emailed fairly regularly and these could include two-for-one entrees, free desserts, or free appetizers.

While signing up for The Red Canoe Society is possibly the best way to find coupons for the restaurant, there are other ways that a consumer could find coupons.

Finding Local Coupons

The Stoney River Steakhouse very frequently will advertise in local newspapers and periodicals.

These advertisements generally provide coupons which could be as valuable as a two-for-one entrée, but generally are for a free addition of a side item. Many times these coupons are used to promote new menu items and have an expiration date that may not last more than a month or two.

The Stoney River Steakhouse will also regularly include their coupons in local coupon books and the coupons found here are generally the same as those found that are received through The Red Canoe Society.

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