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Stove Top Coupons

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Home cooked goodness with Stove Top Stuffing

For almost 40 years, Stove Top Stuffing has been gracing America's tables as a dinner side for chicken, turkey, and pork. Customers love how quickly the stuffing comes together, and yet it still tastes homemade. Originally developed in 1972,

Stove Top Stuffing was created by a food scientist after watching his mother make stuffing from scratch. He adapted her recipe so that it would be more convenient for families to make in their homes, and the result was the stuffing that many American families know and love.

Today Stove Top Stuffing comes in a variety of flavors, including Chicken, Lower Sodium Chicken, Whole Wheat Chicken, Pork, Turkey, Savory Herbs, Traditional Sage, and Cornbread. Some flavors are also available in canister size, which is convenient for cooks who want to make more or less than the traditional box package.

Stove Top Recipes

Stove Top Stuffing tastes great all by itself, but the product's website also offers many suggestions for recipes. The Mix-In Ideas tab gives many suggestions on how to "doctor up" Stove Top stuffing. Vegetables, such as mushrooms, carrots, or bell peppers, nuts and cheeses, bacon, oysters, or dried fruits are just some of the suggestions for how to make Stove Top your own.

Stove Top

The "Leftover Ideas" tab gives home cooks ideas on how to breathe new life into leftover meats and vegetables. The "Hearty Meals" tab features recipes where Stove Top Stuffing is part of the main event in recipes that are big on flavor but small on prep time.

Stove Top Coupons

Stove Top Stuffing is fairly inexpensive, but if you are looking for ways to stretch your dollar further coupons can help. Online coupons are printed from time to time on websites such as Coupons.com, RedPlum.com, and SmartShopper.com.

In some cases coupons can be found in the store itself, attached to the product or close by from a blinking coupon dispenser. These types of coupons are often referred to as "peelies" or "blinkies", and can give shoppers immediate savings on their purchases.

Print Coupons

Kraft Foods also publishes Stove Top coupons from time to time in the Sunday circulars, and stores such as Target also offer store-specific coupons that can be stacked with the manufacturers coupons. If a smart shopper pays attention to the weekly sales, and then combines the sale price with manufacturer coupons and store coupons, they can get their Stove Top Stuffing for pennies or possibly free!

Using Coupons for Stove Top

Of course each store has its own coupon policy, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the store's policies so you'll know what to expect. Pay attention to the expiration date on your coupon, as well as what products the coupon may be redeemed for. If you are in doubt as to whether a store will accept a certain coupon, visit the Customer Service desk to inquire whether or not the coupon is valid at that particular store.

When you find a great deal, stock up on as many as you can. Over the long run this will mean that you spend less on food, and have more left over for other things.

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