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  2. Antecedents Characters
    1. Andrew: Leopold Arkenov
    2. Byron: Victor Cabal
    3. Ian: Robert Stane
    4. Richard: Corey
    5. Samson: Kai
    6. Jim: Royce
  3. Orphans Characters
    1. Andrew: Puyter the Archonian
      1. Puyter's Plan
    2. Byron: Wendy (Woody) Winter
    3. Ian: Mouse
    4. Samson: Vecna
    5. Jim: Piper Jake

The first moves by the Dor-Manis Spite demons against the Atlantian Confederation were subtle and forward thinking.

It was an easy task for them to close down the lesser travelled dimensional gates leading to Pangea, for these were in ragged corners of Dor-mani space with insignificant local forces to protect them. On some of these isolated worlds the closure of the gates was precipated by plagues targeting certain Bloodlines, effectively ending the supply by birth of new Gate Callers.

Where worlds were dependent for transdimensional travel on the services of the Gate Guild, assassinations or "accidents" befalling Guild members were enough to do the job, for it was not long before these Guilds refused to send replacement masters or journeymen to these obviously lawless and dangerous worlds. Finally, where conditions allowed for action without detection, the gates to Pangea were closed through outright invasion and conquest by the Spiteful forces.

As more and more Dor-Manis worlds became isolated from Atlantis' protective Aegis the rapacity of the Spite demons ran free and unchecked leading to scarified planet surfaces, the transformation of unsullied wombs into the sluicegates of demon-kin (the only form of life the Spite demons veiwed as legitimate) and the wholesale destruction of everything that opposed them. It took the Spite Demons only 200 years of this activity, robbing the Dor-Mani region of many stalwart defenders and swelling the Spite legions with millions of ferocious and loyal demon-kin, before they successfully brought to an end their quest to control all of their home dimension under their control, making of it an extension of the very Abyss itself.

With Dor-Mani now completely under their control, the Spite demons turned their attention towards vulnerable dimensions, swelling their ranks with little cost to themselves until they had sufficient forces to attempt a grand play.

The first target that revealed the full extent of their plans was an attack on the Charia home worlds, site of one of the most significant space-lane interchanges leading to Atlantis. According to legend, the conquest of this collection of large asteriods and small planetoids surrounding the trinary neutron stars took all of an hour-and-a-half but the consequences of this conquest would resounate for the remainder of the war.

With absolute control of the interchange the Spite Demons were able to defend Dor-mani space easily, giving them time to complete the Demonification of their captureed worlds into fully fledged breeding pens where arose more Spite-filled horrors that the Abyss had ever held.

On both sides of the war planet after planet was captured, retaken, defended, abandoned and finally retaken as the front-line shifted all across the multi-verse, at great cost to life on Pangea and the integrity of the Confederation for every planet defended was at the expense of another left vulnerable - and always there were recriminations for each and every tactical decision.

The ebb and flow of the war continued in this vein until the Great Chamberlain could take no more. In searching for a way to de-santify a major Spite stronghold an ominous serendipity occured. Instead of discovering the means to awaken the natural aminus of a planet the Great Chamberlain found a way to awaken the very suns around which the planets tracked in their celestial progressions.

But an awakened sun is a confused sun, a scared sun, a dangerous sun. An awake sun is a sun too bemused by consciousness to maintain its spin, too overcome with awareness to quiesse its bulk and power, too enamoured with life to realise that it needs to maintain homeostasis in order to protect itself. An awake sun will go nova, and quickly.

And thus the system bomb was born: a torpedo of animus shot into the heart of the great providers of light and warmth so necessary for most organic life, a certain life and death sentence all in orbit around the sun, unless immunity to supernova happens to be part of your Bloodline heritage.

And with this fell weapon, the Atlantian Confederation won ascendency over the forces of the Dor-Mani dimension, a dimension so thoroughly demonified that the very name is synonymous with the Abyss-outsourced. And yet for all their might and power the highest ranked of the Dor-Manis Spite demons are now on their way to Atlantis to surrender unconditionally to the Confederation and to the Great Chamberlain who made the victory possible.

Preparations have been underway for the ceremony for almost a year now. Guests from all over the universe are expected to come to witness this important event. The Spite demons, the most successful clan of demons to ever attempt a beach-head into the real world, the conquerers of so many worlds, will now agree to a 1,000,000 years of exile into their native plateau in the Abyss - oh happy day.

But into every power vacuum steps in forces to fill it. What will happen in the Abyss itself where the Spite demons must now retire? Who will rise within the Dor-Mani dimension to reclaim what is left of its indigenous planets and lifeforms? Who has come to Atlantis as witness: witness to the bringing low of the Spite demons, to witness the hand-over of the Occult Throne, to witness the Great Chamberlain who in his hubris has unleashed the system bomb?

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