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How to Sweep a Girl off Her Feet

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Sweeping Girls Off Their Feet

One day, you’re walking down the street, or at the beach, or working. It could be anywhere, and then you see her. She’s beautiful, and you want to get to know her and, possibly, more. First you have to let her know that you’re there. Secondly you should engage her in conversation so both of you can actually get to know something about each other.

Next, if all goes well, she should find you interesting enough to want to get together again. That should always be up to her, and it will give you a good gauge as to how you are going to fare. Scared yet? If you think about what you’re doing, you don’t have to be. and she might say yes to a date.

The real secret is that, if she turns you down, there is always another one out there who might be the most interesting thing you have ever met. Remember that women aren’t stupid, or objects to be owned, and this isn’t a contest. This is a chance.

Meeting Her

This is a very important part. After all, if she doesn’t know who you are, how can you show her that you’re worth taking a shot on. Keep your first conversation simple. If you seem false, she will realize it quickly and she likely won’t be too agreeable to doing anything with you.

You have to find a common interest to keep the conversation going, and there should be no pressure here. Remember she should be interested in you, not what you could be. At this point it’s okay to be asking a bunch of light questions. After all both of you are trying to get to know each other, and feel each other out.

Pay Attention To Her

Another key point is to remember she’s not an object, but a person. She has a lot to offer and it’s up to you to find out what it is. If you don’t know who she is, there is no way to sweep her away. While you’re talking, there’s bound to be something that impresses you about her.

Let her know and compliment her about it. It has to be sincere and worded in a way that will make her feel special and good about herself. There are plenty of cheesy lines out there, and they sound cheesy when they’re said. If you really believe what you’re saying, they probably will believe it too. Remember to be honest here.

Expect Nothing In Return

The only constant thing in life is that nothing is for sure. You have to put something of yourself on the line to convince the woman you want that you’re serious about her. Otherwise it’s not worth it. If she is. Give her some control over the whole process and, if she decides to walk away, let her go. Unfortunately you can’t win them all.

If all is going well, now might be a good time to give her a way to contact you. You’re not going to be able to do this at once all the time. Your phone number is the best way. You could also give her a screen name or an e-mail address, but the phone number is the most direct and personal. You’re giving a bit of yourself, it’s safe for her and she still has options.

Let her know when you are available and leave her with that. If she is interested, she might ask you to stick around right then, or try to work out another meeting for the future. If she doesn’t, she still has your number and she may call you to see if you want to get together again. After all you’re leaving it up to her now. If she never calls you, at least you left it on friendly terms and move on.

The First Date

Let’s assume that this woman has called you back and is willing to meet again. Good. Try to find out if she has a preference for what to do. She might throw it back in your hands immediately. If that’s the case, remember what you two had talked about the first time you met. Fit the date to topics that were discussed then, and loosely plan around them. Here, the most important thing is that you have to have the confidence in that you are doing your best to impress her.

Trust me; she will be remembering that day also. Try to keep it fairly simple though. You still need plenty of time to interact with her to get to know her better, and for her to learn more about you. If you find out that something that you planned today isn’t working, try to have a “plan B.” This is a new direction that could be taken within the date. Winging it here gets real complicated real fast, and could lead to disaster causing her to not want to see you again. Again be confident and don’t go beyond what you know.

On this first date, she should be your sole focus and no one else needs to intrude. This goes especially for other women who, in her eyes, could be there as competition to her. This also applies to your buddies who could see you out and attempt to horn in on your night out thinking just of some fun times. One-on-one time is very important at this stage in the relationship you share right now, it should be very apparent to her. She is the reason that you are here. Slow down and LISTEN to her. Don’t spend all the time talking about your high school sports experiences.

React Properly

You also need to keep any knee-jerk reactions away. Remember, all through this process you have to continue to listen to her and take whatever she says, and reacts to into consideration. How she says something is as important as how she says it. She will be more attracted to you if you think about her first. You have to make sure that she feels special in your eyes.

One thing that’s important here. Always be the proverbial gentleman. You see those movies where she really wants that bad boy? This isn’t usually the case. It makes great screen time, but do you really think it will work all the time? Most people react much better to being treated respectfully and politely. A compliment and listening to what she is saying will impress much more than the other. You can still be yourself, and add your own unique style, while caring about what she has to say. Trust me on this.

As the date winds down, continue to make some small talk and try to get a feel for how it went. Let her know that you had a great time and, if you want, let her know that you would like to see her again. Again, let her keep some control over this. She’ll appreciate it and improve your chances.

The more time you devote to her, the more she should favor more. If the date didn’t go so well, you should get some idea on that too. She might be hesitant when replying to any question as to how it went, or she might let you know that she just isn’t interested right away. That’s okay. It’s better to know that now instead of a few weeks later. Accept it and move on.

Tips to Keep In Mind

Quite often you see a couple that you never would think would ever be together. Obviously there’s something between them that keeps it going. They probably found something in common and built off of that. They made it work. You can too if you pay attention.

It takes a certain amount of work to even start to impress a woman that you’re worth the attention. It then takes more work to convince her that you’re for real and that she should commit herself to you for a relationship. You have to be honest and keep your attention directed towards her, while constantly thinking about how to keep it going.

Remember that women are intelligent people who deserve to be treated with respect and patience. Always remember that. She also has a say in this whole process and also could back out anytime she feels that it isn’t going where she wants it to go. Keep her interested, otherwise, let her go. This is just a chance, and more will come.

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