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Swiffer Wet Jet Coupons

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About Swiffer

The Swiffer is one of the most innovative cleaning products to have come on the market recently. Launched in 1999 by American consumer products giant Procter & Gamble, more than 50 million households worldwide currently use Swiffer products, according to the manufacturer.

The Swiffer WetJet is a version of the original Swiffer product designed to be a replacement for traditional fabric mops. If you are thinking of switching to the Swiffer WetJet, you should know that many Swiffer WetJet coupons are available both online and offline. These coupons can help you take advantage of all the cleaning features of the Swiffer WetJet at a significantly reduced cost.

The Swiffer WetJet looks like a traditional mop except that the mop head, which generally consists of fabric twists or strips in traditional mops, has been replaced by a Swiffer WetJet pad. The advantage of the WetJet over previous mops is that while many other mop heads only succeed in spreading dirt around mopped areas due to their design, Swiffer WetJet pads have been developed by the manufacturer to trap the tiny dirt particles that they come in contact with, holding them in the pad instead of pushing them around the floor.

Swiffer and Swiffer Wetjet

The difference between the Swiffer and the Swiffer WetJet is that the WetJet adds a liquid cleaning element to the original device. Specifically, a switch on the WetJet's handle releases a spray of specially formulated WetJet solvent intended to break up dirt and grime particles on floors. The WetJet also contains what Procter & Gamble calls a "scrubbing strip" to physically break up particularly caked-on dirt.


By running the WetJet's pad over the areas where the solvent has been sprayed, the WetJet can absorb the dirt and grime released from the user's floor by the solvent and suck it up into the pad for disposal, all without the spreading around of dirty water that can occur with traditional mopping products.

Purchasing a Swiffer WetJet often involves buying a WetJet "starter kit," which generally consists of the mop handle and base, a scrubbing strip, and some amount of cleaning solvent and Swiffer pads. The cleaning solvent, pads, and scrubbing strip will need to be replaced continuously during the lifetime of the WetJet product to ensure that the product cleans as well as it is able. Luckily, both online and offline you can find many coupons good for discounts on both WetJet starter kits and individual replacement products.

Finding Coupons

Online, the first place to start for Swiffer WetJet coupons is the official Swiffer website. At the moment, this website contains a link you can use to request that coupons worth up to $7 or even more be sent to you for Swiffer WetJet products. You can also sign up on the website of Procter & Gamble's "e-Saver" program to receive a variety of Swiffer coupons and discounts. Additionally, by "liking" Swiffer on Facebook, Procter & Gamble will notify you of Swiffer WetJet coupons and promotions through this website as these discounts are released. You may even learn of ways to earn free Swiffer products in this way.

Aside from official websites of the Swiffer and Procter & Gamble, several other websites offer discounts on the Swiffer WetJet product. Generally, these websites fall into one of two categories: websites which specialize in offering printable online coupons, or websites for brick-and-mortar or online stores in which Swiffer products are generally sold.

Printable Coupons

As for printable coupons, the website Dealofday.com recently offered a coupon good for $5 off a Swiffer WetJet. In regard to coupons offered by retailers, Amazon has previously featured a $5 coupon for Swiffer WetJet products, and the online retailer Soap.com also ran a similarly valuable promotion in the recent past. Unfortunately, with retailers and coupon sites constantly updating the coupons they are offering, using a search engine to look for Swiffer WetJet deals is usually not the best course of action.

Instead, it makes more sense to sign up for reputable online coupon sites which feature printable coupons, as well as retailers' online e-mailing lists for your area, in order to be emailed Swiffer WetJet coupons when the deals are fresh and have not yet expired.

Offline Coupons

Offline, there are several resources for finding Swiffer WetJet coupons. The first is the tried and true method of advertising "circulars" that appear in most Sunday newspaper editions. These supplements will often contain valuable coupons for Swiffer WetJet products.

Additionally, stores where Swiffer products are sold will sometimes have coupons that are only available in their retail locations, which must be pulled from the rack where the product is located and brought to the store's checkout to be redeemed. Finally, writing a physical letter to the Procter & Gamble to request extra Swiffer WetJet coupons is a tried and true way to receive additional coupons you may not get through other methods.

As you can see, there are a variety of different ways to obtain potentially valuable Swiffer WetJet coupons. A thorough review of all your options for obtaining coupons is sure to lead to a method that will allow you to purchase a Swiffer WetJet for a significantly lower cost than might seem possible at first. This way, you can take advantage of one of the newest advances in home cleaning technology at the same time you save your hard-earned money-a true win-win situation!

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