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Welcome to Sydney Agents

An informal group set up via a pub discussion between David Goldbaum (UTS), Valentyn Panchenko (UNSW) and Simon Angus (UNSW).


We hope to provide a community of interest around agent-based modelling and related computational techniques for researchers and students in the Sydney region. For more information, please email David (david.goldbaum AT uts.edu.au), Valentyn (v.panchenko AT unsw.edu.au), or Simon (s.angus AT unsw.edu.au).


Seminars are to be held at either UNSW or UTS (for the moment).

  • Day, Time: Tuesday, 4:45pm
  • Locations:
    • UNSW: Australian School of Business Building, UNSW (campus map)
    • UTS: Room D301, Level 3, Block D, Bldg. 5, UTS Haymarket
      • General Map: (campus map)
      • Building Map: (building map) Enter at "D", take lift or stairs to 3rd floor, see reception to right for entry.
  • Rule: Every three weeks (!)

Seminar Schedule

(feel free to edit)

Date Location Speaker Title
Tue 21 Aug UNSW Valentyn Panchenko Asset Price Dynamics with Small World Interactions under Heterogeneous Beliefs (.pdf)
Tue 11 Sep UTS Simon Angus Genotype or Phenotype? The conflation of two concepts in evolutionary agent-based modeling (.pdf)
Tue 2 Oct UTS Ian Wilkinson Mean Bad Birds vs Kind Friendly Chickens (.pdf)
Tue 23 Oct* UTS Terry Bossomaier Agent Based Modelling of Trust (tentative)
Tue 13 Nov UTS Carl Chiarella TBA
Tue 4 Dec UTS Remco Zwinkels TBA

(*) Indicates a 'Blue' seminar (2nd for the month)

To Upload a File
First, login (if you don't have an account, just create one), then click on the 'Upload file' link in the Toolbox at the bottom of this page and follow the dialogue. Don't forget to name your file something simple that you will remember. Copy the syntax of other links to uploads to correctly refer to your upload.

Further Directions/Discussion


  1. Invite non-Syd speaker of interest every 'blue seminar' (A 'blue seminar' is the second one falling in a month).
  2. Run a work-shop?
    • Do we need another workshop?
    • What would be distinctive about a Syd-Agents one?
  3. Host a targetted conference?
  4. ...


  1. Set up a code-sharing/software comment service
    • i.e. have a name, or names to contact for help with a particular software/environment
  2. Run a course for students from near-campuses
  3. ...

Site Wish-list

  1. Notifications of updates/changes
    • RSS/Atom feed from 'Events' page; and/or
    • By email notifications through the 'watch' feature

Site News

Oct 2007
Syd-Agents site moved to http://sydneyagents.bluwiki.com
Aug 2007
Syd-Agents site up and running in its (hopefully) temporary home.

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