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ISO9000 Procedure

1.Control of Documents Procedure

This procedure is about control of documentation which includes documents from internal sources and external sources. The simplest way to control documents is to make them available on the computer network.

I suggest categorise documents, keep documents secure. Always backup all documents.

2.Internal Audit Procedure

This procedure describes the steps for gathering the information to determine whether the quality management system is effectively implemented and maintained. You can obtain the information from :

  • observing processes being carried out
  • looking at records

Normally you should have a schedule and regulation to check procedures for about one year or half year.

3.Control of Non-conforming Product Procedure

This procedure will document the steps you follow to identify product and/or service problems, deciding what to do about them.
You need log the problems, and record any decisions made.

You'd better inform everybody who will be affected by the problem. You'd better spend more time to do useability test.

4.Corrective Action Procedure

This procedure will describe the steps for finding out why the nonconformity occurred and making sure that the problem does not occur again. Normally, you should

  • reviewing the nonconformities
  • determing the causes
  • evaluating the action to ensure the nonconformities won't recur
  • implement action and records the action results

Visit user and interview user is very important.

5.Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement strives to reduce the recurrence of repetitive quality problems.

I suggest to do survey and get some useful feedback.

6.Customer Satisfaction

Online quiz and forms are often used to collect information from users. These are easy to get feedback from users and know if users are satisfied.

Use online forms and quiz is a good idea. Include one in the website.

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