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Talice Luen

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Talice Luen
Biographical Information
Country of Origin Koridan
Died n.a.
Physical Description
Ethnicity Koridian
Gender Female
Hair Colour auburn
Eye Colour light blue
Political Information
Affiliation Koridian citizen
Job Description Mage
Title Apprentice

An apprentice mage, Talice Luen (Template:PronEng), the first female to be accepted at the Koridian Mage's Academy in Velloria, is currently studying under the mage Monmai. Talice's hair is auburn, and she has piercing green eyes. Although still an apprentice, she is very powerful, and must use her powers discreetly, due to the position of mages in Koridian society. Talice is friendly, but cautious.


Talice's family were friends with the family of Tebryn. Not long after Talice was born, however, her family moved to another town. Unfortunately, when Talice was three years old, the town was attacked by Aldemirian forces, her parents counted among the dead, and Talice orphaned. Talice was sent to live with Tebryn's family.

The two were raised together as siblings, but Talice was never officially adopted. When they were younger they acted like typical siblings. Once into adolescence, however, Talice and Tebryn realized they were in love with each other. When Tebryn left for Velloria and the Mage's Academy, Talice followed. She wasn't accepted at first, because of her gender. No woman previously had wanted to be a mage. After some debate, she was accepted as a novice and treated like everyone else.

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