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Hi!. This is a super idea. I went to visit Sherry earlier this evening. Provided a fruit basket , as fruit is something she did not have & can probably use soon again. She especially wants Asian pears which I could not find amongst selection out at my Meijers. Aplles and bananas are good. Dark chocloate for medicinal purposes, and humor!!1 Also, good to affirm her progress thus far. She has hopeful optimism as "everything is mendable"!!! Now when I wanted to follow-up with her, she said not a vegan, but lactose intolerant as stated. Helped her with an organizer booklet/ lists / mail/ calls etc. What great people on this site!!! Sincerely, Pat Mazzello

Help with an idea - how can you make sure a google spider/info does not capture your information on a site? Thanks

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