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Talk:The Constitution of the Novos Party

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"peacefully resolve existing conflicts through diplomatic processes" So, do you expect that you will be able to eliminate all military conflict? What about groups that are violently opposed, with fundamentally opposite goals, commited to continual use of military force? Is their any evidence that such groups will stop fighting because you suggest they do so? Prove the universal validity of this approach.

"socialy and economicly reform to better suit a world community while still maintaining respect and room for existing cultures and traditions." What exactly will this entail? What level of balance will be found? Should all previous traditions be maintained, even those that would be generally considered immoral or unproductive? If a culture has a long standing custom of patriarchial supremacy, with abuse of women as a custom, should that be maintained?

What degree of 'reform to better suit a world community' should be allowed? A McDonalds in every country? Mandatory one-world currency?

How does the Novos Party intend to ensure this? Tight control over world economy and society? How can they guarantee this condition, which remains largely undefined? {Thucydides}


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