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Talk:Wikimovies/Evening of The Reanimated Corpses (first wiki movie)

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superstition mountain ohv minnesota universities new york newspapers in the 1920s american medical systems holdings inc. michigan discrimination lawyer sitemap compusa initial d ringtone final fantasy advent children ringtones http ncg movie theatre east lansing somers properties licensed contractors in us kerkrade verwarming decemberists ringtone diving equipment computer stores wheaton vial racks in text citation movie mute altacct Just a quick note on the entire premise of scene 1: though I don't feel like messing with the characters right now... They run an endless distance chased by zombies (not exactly sure how that's possible considering the typical slow zombie pace) chose a random house and ask to be allowed entry (though they have no reason to believe there's anything but zombies inside... Oh, and you finish running from an endless hoard of impossibly strong undead creatures until finally finding safety soon after a friend of yours is killed... You don't just ask "Isn't that the name of the guy from street fighter?" Unless you have some sort of serious mental defect.... -Tiak

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