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Talon in her hunting gear
  • Name: Talocte Revike
  • Nicknames: Talon, Tally, Talo, Lady Revike (by Delmin); Alecto, The Fury
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 25
  • Race: Human
  • Height: 5' 9"
  • Weight: 184 lbs
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Skin color: Medium
  • Home World: Gamma Kasterborous V
  • Player: Ali
  • Theme: Stand My Ground by Within Temptation / When The World by Gamma Ray


Talocte Revike, typically known only as Talon, is a well-known ISPF bounty hunter. She is highly skilled in her field and will accept a variety of missions, though she has certain reservations and may even refuse a well-paying task on the grounds of her high moral standards. While outwardly calm, perpetually serious, and seemingly indifferent, she is driven by a desire for justice and a deep-seated caring for all that lives.


Talon is most often seen in her hunting gear, which conceals the appearance of the woman within. The gear consists of a heavy cloak, closed helmet and facemask, and light breastplate, over a single-tone red outfit, completed with black combat boots and elbow-length black gloves. In addition to the breastplate and helmet, she carries a variety of weapons and tools openly, including her trademark multipistol and its companion high-caliber Desert Eagle pistol.

Should she remove her gear, she appears to be an average, if extremely fit, human woman - ordinary brown hair in a perpetual braid, and a round, ordinary face perhaps made remarkable only by her restrained, all-business expression and manner. She is broad-bodied and has a fairly masculine build, though nothing extremely unusual. At her left collarbone, she has a round scar, but it is hidden by her typical choice of dress.

Combat Style

Though she is skilled in a variety of combat forms, Talon prefers mid-range combat, using her pistols and energy grenades to keep an opponent at bay while dealing vast and precise damage. Her motto in relation to combat is "a swift and lethal blow," aiming to quickly start and finish a fight. If she is forced into melee, she is a fearsome martial artist, able to incapacitate or kill just as easily with only her body to rely on. She is extremely tenacious, able and willing to fight while severely injured if given cause, aided by an unnaturally high pain tolerance. All her combat abilities derive from and serve her in the numerous bounty takedowns her profession demands.

Weapons and Equipment

  • Multi-mode pistol - A custom 9mm pistol capable of firing both energy and solid projectiles, with a variety of modes, it is her weapon of choice for any situation she may find herself in. Its design is nearly identical to a real world Beretta 92FS or M9 pistol and is in fact the appearance present in all artwork showing her main pistol.
  • Desert Eagle pistol
  • Energy grenades - Her suit is capable of creating small handheld explosives, encasing a small amount of its powering fluid in a projected force field shell. They can be "phase shifted" for a variety of pseudoelemental attacks or to create energy fields to hamper a supernatural opponent.
  • Phase knife
  • Hook grapple
  • Scan probe
  • Combat armor - LC-173-HA8-TRC model light combat armor and environment suit. Designed by Lvhura'i specifically for Talon, her armor is light and sturdy, protecting her from injury and harsh environments. Because of its modular design and the intelligence of its operating AI, it can adapt and add new technology to expand Talon's capability.
  • Paraios


For Talon's childhood history, see Talocte.

Not much is known of Talon's history, even to her closest friends such as fellow bounty hunter Starblade. She has been a bounty hunter for two years, and never mentions her past prior to this. Prior to her arrival on Valgris, she retired from the bounty hunting profession and vanished from the galactic scene, without a trace or reason - though this retirement didn't last long upon meeting the Lodgers.

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