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Tampax Coupons

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Tampax History

The use of tampons dates back to the fifth century when Greek physician Hippocrates wrote of wrapping lint around lightweight wood to fashion what would later be called a tampon. Other cultures such as the Japanese, Egyptians, Romans and Africans also created and used natural elements such as grass, papyrus, and wool to fashion tampons.

However in the United States, menstrual pads were readily used four decades before tampons. This changed when Dr. Earle Cleveland Haas determined that bandages, like they used for wound patients, could also be used to absorb a woman's menstrual flow.

Tampax is a well known brand to most teenage girls and women in America. The company has been around since the late 1920s and the company was a supplier of wound dressings during World War 2.

At that time the company's employees were almost all women. Their first newspaper add appeared on July 26, 1936 in a newspaper, with a circulation of 11 million readers, called the American Weekly. In the early 1940s "Tampax ladies" went to colleges, schools, trade shows and conventions to educate women on the myths that people previously believed about menstruation and sanitation. In 1986, tampons made the list of 50 items that revolutionized the lives of consumers.

Tampax Products

Today there are three different tampons in the Tampax line: Tampax Pearl Plastic, Tampax Pearl Compak and Tampax Flushable Cardboard. All three offer great leak guard protection and are easily portable as they are individually wrapped. All three come in Lites, Regular and Super to accommodate each womans unique body.

You can even get multi-packs which give you a few tampons of each for when your flow varies. Tampax Pearl Compak are small enough to fit in your pocket so that you can hide one in your hand as you head off to the restroom. Tampax Flushable Cardboard are the oldest line of tampons the company produces and the most environmentally friendly since the wrapper and applicator are flush able and biodegradable.

Tampax Coupon Codes

Tampax On Line

You can easily get Tampax coupons on line or in Sunday newspaper inserts. The website www.tampax.com sometimes offers a printable coupon, which you should be able to print twice (just hit the 'back' button on your browser to print a second time). Check back after a few months later to see if you can print it again. Currently you can request a sample of various Tampax products from their website.

The samples come with a coupon which is usually high value. Again, check back from time to time to see if you can request a sample again. A few, dollar-off coupons won't save you big bucks when you have to purchase tampons on a monthly basis. Fortuanately there are other ways to come by Tampax coupons.

Other Coupon Sources

Your local Sunday newspaper will have Tampax coupons in the coupon inserts pretty regularly. You can purchase multiple copies of the paper when these Tampax coupons appear or you can find someone who is getting rid of a bunch on sites like eBay or Craigslist. For free coupons, check with your local library or restaurants and hotels to see if you can have the coupon inserts from their papers.

Also, be sure to ask around to see if family or friends would give you their coupons. Other on line coupon databases might also have Tampax coupons for you to print as well.

Tampax coupons can also be found in coupon booklets that Proctor & Gamble, the parent company, send out through direct mail and by request. You can request one of these coupon booklets, often offering more than $100 in savings, by visiting PGeverydaysolutions.com.

Saving Big With Tampax Coupons

The best way to buy your tampons is to have a Tampax coupon from the manufacturer plus a store coupon, printed by the store it is redeemable at, and paired with a sale. Sometimes the store offers a gift card or rebate on the purchases, making the deal even better. You can do a search for 'tampax coupon' followed by the month and year to find various scenarios that coupon bloggers have come up with and posted about.

Drug stores are well known for having good sales on feminine hygine products and since you can often use two coupons per item, both the manufacturers and the store coupon, plus either get a super good sale price or get some rebate on the item, it's not unheard of to pay a dollar or less per box of Tampax.

However for these sales you will want to have a nice stockpile of coupons and make sure that you abide by the store rules, like if there is a limit of boxes per customer. You can get around that by taking your purchase out to your car and coming back into the store to buy more.

Taking Advantage of Sales

Also remember that you can often get Always pads and liners on sale in conjunction with Tampax sales since both are owned by Proctor & Gamble. You can get coupons for those products in the same way as you find them for Tampax.

Sometimes they will have one coupon good for both items, your choice. This is also good to remember if the store you are shopping as has a limited supply of Tampax. You can pair them with some Always to still get a great deal.

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