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United Islands of Ad’ihan
Îles-Unis d'Ad’ihan
National flag of Ad’ihan
Motto: Peace, justice, freedom
Region The Heartland
Capital Ad’ihan City
Largest city Modna Nord
Official Languages English, French[1]
Government Semi-presidential republic
 • President Josh Randall (GA
 • Prime Minister Alex Canning (GA)
 • Establishment of protectorate 1 October 2144 
 • Self-governance accorded 18 October 2144 
 • Independence of protectorate 7 May 2147 
 • Grand Island joins new republic in union 9 May 2147 
 • Barrier Island joins union to form United Islands 13 May 2147 
Population 19,300,000
Currency Ad’ihani Tazo (ATAZ; sign: Tz)
Timezone PAX-0200
 • Summer (DST)Not observed
Internet TLD .ad
Calling code +082
[1] Ad’ihani Creole is granted equal status to English and French in the country, but is not recognised as an official language.
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