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  • Name: Tergonaut
    Jake and Tergonaut
  • Nicknames: Terg, Tergo, Omni-pants, Jake Robin (alter-ego)
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 25
  • Race: Human
  • Height: 5'10" (6' in armor)
  • Weight: 150 lbs. (200 lbs. in armor)
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Turqoise
  • Skin color: Slightly tanned
  • Home World: Earth Tergo
  • Player: Tergonaut


Jake is an eternal optimist: even though his future was taken away from him, his homeworld's government has used him for their own ends, and cancer was growing inside of him, he cannot lay aside his hope for the future. He has seen how good people can be, through his prior experience in the Mobius Forum World, and that has given him the strength to continue the fight. Nevertheless, age and experience have tempered his youthful idealism.

He takes life one day at a time, and is actually quite relaxed generally. But he gets deadly serious when talking about or dealing with Stahlmansche - his hatred for her runs deeply. He is also extremely protective of children and the helpless - even willing to step in against his allies if he thinks they are going too far. He is not a pacifist, and fights bravely, but he won't kill another human being (which includes anthro beings). It is as much a matter of inability as it is choice. But he holds no such qualms for fighting robots, which he will destroy ruthlessly in combat, and distrust in all other situations.

Jake likes machines, and has great talent and skill when dealing with them - which even extends to piloting machines as well. Even when dealing with unfamiliar technology, he can quickly figure out how something works and how to make it work for him. He is not an excellent pilot, but he does what he needs to do to make sure he gets where he needs to go - regardless of the comfort of his passengers.

More recently, the demon Overkill took over Jake's body, taking advantage of his cancer-ridden state and wreaking havoc until he was stopped, and Overkill exploded into three separate beings: Jake, who was cancer-ridden and his body was useless; Valerie, a blue-haired girl who is the combination of TINNER (the AI of the omni-suit) and Sailor Modesty (Jake's Sailor form - acquired after being infected with the Sailorness virus in the Mobius Forum World); and Kaje, the former Overkill, who now has a mortal, if extremely powerful, body - he can summon any weapon he desires, though only one at a time. Kaje left to travel the world, while Valerie and Jake went back to the lodge where Jake installed himself into the Vital Suit.

The Vital Suit was a life support suit for Jake's dying body, and was fitted with weapon systems and some variable tool parts that still gave him the ability to fight as Tergonaut. During this time, he designed new powered armor for the Sega City Police Department's Armored Response Team. He also continued the research he had begun with the relatively new power crystals he had discovered. But the cancer was taking its final toll, and while investigating a power source that he felt would help find a way to reverse the process of mechanization, he was critically wounded, and placed inside a power crystal matrix. This matrix revitalized his body and also gave him the ability to energize his body with energy armor that has virtually all the same properties as the original omni-suit.

Jake joined GUN for a while to add his technical prowess to their forces, which he hoped will enable them to fight off the various threats facing the modern world. He has also dated Talon, but thus far it has been a casual relationship.

Most recently, he left GUN and, backed by Kelly, built a top-secret complex on Capricorn Point, an isolated island in the sea. It is to this place that he has brought youngsters from all over the world who have various powers or talents, and he trains them to use them for the better good where otherwise such powers and talents may have gone to waste or worse. He did this out of a desire to ensure that there would be a rising generation to replace himself and the current generation of heroes who remain on Valgris.


Jake is a young adult man who has grown from the skinny teenager he once was. He has short brown hair with a part that runs down the middle of it from front to back in a trendy hairstyle, and turqoise eyes. He prefers to be casual in his clothing, usually wearing a pair of red, white and gray sneakers, red-fingered gray gloves, baggy blue jeans and a light gray T-shirt with SEGA written across the front in blue letters. In colder weather he'll wear a well-worn brown leather jacket. He is not particularly muscular, but he is fit and has filled out his manly figure well.

When he activates the omni-suit, he becomes Tergonaut. He is sheathed in orange and blue metal, forming orange fingerless gauntlets, breastplate and shoulder pads, crotch armor, knee-high boots, and a helmet with a gently-backswept spike and a V-shaped black visor, all of this over an inner shell of form-fitting blue metal. The omni-suit is constructed of materialized energy that can reconfigure the omni-suit to form different tools or weapons that Tergonaut can use in whatever situation he finds himself in. Thus, the omni-suit can change appearance based on the situation; however, once it has created a shape, it tends to stay in that shape as hard-shell armor until he reshapes it to something else.

Combat Style

Jake grew up on the hard streets of St. Louis, and combines the streetfighting he had to learn there with military weapon and martial arts training he received as Tergonaut. Though mortal, his training makes him a threat. He'll equip what he needs for a situation whenever possible, but his signature weapon is the CAP (Capacitor-Amplified Projectile) gun - a gun he built himself that uses extra-large electric bullets that discharge on contact, creating a shock that stuns and overloads organic nervous systems and fries robot hardware.

As Tergonaut, he becomes far more capable and powerful. The omni-suit grants super strength, energy weapon technology, limited energy shielding known as impact screens, flight, and the ability to integrate any vehicle or weapon system into itself. Tergonaut's visor grants him multiple sensor modes including infrared, low-light, zoom and microscopic vision, not to mention targeting systems that guide his aim. Jake's natural talent with machinery is combined with his fighting skills while in the omni-suit, making him a far more dangerous opponent.

Perhaps Tergonaut's greatest strength is his ability to team up with others. "The power of teamwork" becomes almost literal when he uses the omni-suit to either match or contrast with the abilities of his teammates. And with or without the omni-suit, his mind works fast in combat and he often comes up with creative ways to tackle his opponents.

However, there are certain limitations on the omni-suit. It has a limited energy pool that powers the entire suit and its functions; if too much energy is drained into the shields or flight systems, for example, he won't be able to effectively use weapon systems. The impact screens can't protect him against direct electrical attacks; they get conducted directly into the suit, since the screens are electro-magnetic in nature. Finally, EMP attacks force the suit to protect itself by shutting down - the suit avoids permanent damage from EMP this way, but it effectively disables Tergonaut temporarily.


Jake Robin grew up on Earth Tergo, a world that has no supernatural forces and is a mana-dead zone. Earth Tergo is mainly different from our Earth in that there is a Unified Earth Government and slightly more advanced robot technology. But what makes it unique is the mysterious presence of supertech - artifacts that grant incredible power to the wielders while being clearly beyond human science. Supertech began to appear in the 80's, but by the year 2001, several criminal and terrorist organizations gathered enough supertech to be a considerable threat to world peace. Furthermore, a number of vigilantes and self-serving so-called heroes appeared and caused even more damage and chaos.

Jake grew up in the downtown areas of St. Louis, the only child in his family. He became a star student and a good athlete, and he developed a natural knack with mechanical work. Though an incident when he was fifteen shocked him horribly and made him swear never to kill with his own hands, as well as to hate robots bitterly, he was otherwise a bright young man with a brighter future. He earned an internship to work for TergoCorp. Industries, an advanced technology company that researched supertech, when he was seventeen.

What Jake didn't know is that the government commissioned TergoCorp. Industries to develop a suit of powered armor equipped with a number of supertech components. The suit, termed the OMNI-01 or the omni-suit, would be capable of fighting in a variety of situations, adapting on-the-go to respond to new threats. TergoCorp. Industries was picked for the work over Effective Cybertronics Unlimited, a rival company that produced war machinery. The suit was physically constructed by the time of Jake's internship, but they needed a test pilot, and the head of TergoCorp., Dr. Mateo Johansen, wanted to avoid having a government pilot. Dr. Johansen had a certain distrust of the government and wanted a pilot who would be loyal to the world - not to the government.

Jake was in the labs when a saboteur, equipped with a supertech freeze ray, burst into TergoCorp. Industries and attempted to destroy the project. Jake unwittingly stumbled into the omni-suit, activated it, and used its power to stop the infiltrator and turn him in to the authorities. Dr. Johansen immediately recognized Jake's talent with piloting the omni-suit and asked him to become the test pilot, eventually to be the primary pilot. Jake accepted, and was soon dedicated entirely to testing and developing the omni-suit. Jake became Tergonaut - the code name of the pilot of the omni-suit.

During one of the final testing sessions, a power surge in the omni-suit transported Tergonaut to Sega City in the Mobius Forum World. Tergonaut spent a year and a half there, serving as a superhero in that world and having a number of adventures that tested the limits of his piloting skills and the omni-suit's capabilities. At the end of that time, TergoCorp. Industries finally reached him via a dimensional portal supertech device, and it turned out that only seven days on Earth had passed while he had been away. With the promise to return in the future, Tergonaut left Sega City and returned to his own world.

Back on Earth Tergo, Tergonaut was immediately put to work to fulfill the mission of the omni-suit: to stop the worldwide epidemic of supertech-related crime and terrorism. His entire life became dedicated to this task, and he rarely had time to himself for social activities. As he unraveled the underworld and destroyed robot menaces let loose by criminal organizations, he discovered that the CEO of Effective Cybertronics Unlimited, Georgia Stahlmansche, was actually the ringleader of the supertech crime ring. He was unable to prove this until Stahlmansche, sensing that she was losing ground, sent robots to assassinate Dr. Johansen. Tergonaut swore vengeance, an old vendetta rising in his blood as he went after Stahlmansche.

The ensuing fight was ferocious, but ended with Stahlmansche escaping through a dimensional portal she had discovered - and it appeared that she had left to go to the Mobius Forum World. Tergonaut was unable to follow, and was recalled by the government while they planned to send a commando to go after Stahlmansche using the same device that had recovered Tergonaut from Sega City. Tergonaut, knowing full well that he was the best choice to go to Sega City for a number of reasons, hikacked the portal from the government and burst through it. However, this would not be the Mobius Forum World he was familiar with, but Valgris instead - though he would meet familiar faces there just the same.

Tergonaut continues his quest to avenge the death of his mentor and friend, Dr. Johansen, while also seeking to foil the villainous plans of Stahlmansche to conquer not only Earth Tergo, but Valgris and all other worlds as well. As Jake, he develops his mechanical skills to become more like other scientific geniuses that have mentored him over the years, and as Tergonaut, he takes the fight to the enemy.


  • Jake Robin is the retro-conned real name of Tergonaut's alter-ego - it was originally the name of his player, but personal decisions to separate the player from the character prompted the new name. It would have been Justin Hobbes, but that would be awkward since I already introduced Justine Hobbes.
  • Jake has bad luck with money.
  • Jake has inherited the "family curse" of the Robin family: he cannot cook. Any attempt to cook ends disastrously. This only affects blood relatives, so the family line is able to continue by each descendant marrying someone able to cook, perpetuating the curse.
  • Jake is from a world without magic - he cannot use any magical devices or spells, nor can he use psionic or other techniques. He is simply not able to do so. He is also extremely vulnerable to transformation or polymorph magic, or even other magical spells that aren't direct attack spells; when exposed to supernatural energies, even from such sources as healing spells, there is a high chance that he will transform randomly into something else. Direct attack spells such as fireballs affect him normally (they don't do "double damage"). He also throws up when he is teleported.
  • Jake needs to keep his identity a secret from Georgia Stahlmansche, his arch-nemesis from Earth; to do otherwise would be to risk having friends be kidnapped and used against him.
  • The omni-suit is formed out of power crystal energy stored in Jake's body; he can only maintain the suit for limited amounts of time before requiring a recharge.

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