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Terror Seekers

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Sky Castle

The Terror Seekers' Organization is a villain group founded by Faxkek, its mission is to break the seal on the Four Terrors and gain godlike power for its members to use to achieve their individual goals.

Their current headquarters is the Sky Castle, the world it currently resides upon has not been specified, but was originally located on Valgris. They also had a former headquarters on the planet of Ba'al.



  • Faxkek
  • Suigintou
  • Ego
  • Muxsez
  • Vexen
  • Jason Replica
  • Vai
  • Erixme


  • Jaxnos (left, later killed by Muxsez)
  • Ixihm (double agent for Lodge, killed by Ego)
  • Alter (killed by Faxkek due to finding out about the romance between Faxkek and Ego)

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