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The Boudon Family

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The Boudon Family (also known as TBF) is a group of friends based in southwest Houston, Texas. The Boudon Family is broken into two distinct factions, the Boudon Seniors and the Boudon Juniors. At the center of the Boudon Family are the four brothers of the Nguyen family known respectfully as "The Brothers". Any member or associate of the Boudon Family can trace their roots back to one of the Brothers.

  • David Nguyen, the firstborn of the brothers
  • Andy Nguyen, second oldest of the brothers
  • Anthony Nguyen, third oldest and the "Don of the family"
  • Donald Nguyen, youngest brother and the head Junior

History of the Boudon Family


The origins of the Boudon Family can be traced all the way back to the days of the FOB Posse, a group of friends in which David Nguyen and Huan Le were members.


It was during a heated conversation about the game Diablo II that the name Boudin appeared. Boudin was the name of a mercenary that could be purchased in town within the game. Boudin is also seasoned rice with pork stuffed into a sausage wrapper which is a favorite at family cookouts. It was a collaboration between Anthony and Donald at the local Olive Garden that the family was bought to fruition. Boudin, although a great snack, did not project the right feel for the name of the newly founded group. Boudon was spun from it's origin Boudin. The choice of picking the Don of The Boudon Family was easy since Anthony was already seated at the head of the table. He also had connections with both the Seniors and Juniors and was a perfect candidate for the position of Godfather of The Boudon Family. He has presided as Godfather of The Boudon Family since 2001.


The height of The Boudon Family was realized when the original www.theboudonfamily.com website appeared. The forum was a hit right at the beginning with Jumil first to reach 1000 posts. It was a forum which Boudons and Non-Boudons could come to discuss pressing matters, such as who was whipped and who was not. Although many memories were made the website met its demise in 2004. There were many members that posted, as many as 300 different user names.


The Original Boudon Seniors

  • Andy Nguyen
  • David Nguyen
  • Anthony Nguyen
  • Huan Le
  • Bang Truong
  • Huy D. Pham
  • Rose (retired)
  • Kristina (retired)

Boudon Seniors by Association

  • Vi Nguyen
  • Lan Tran

Boudon Juniors (Split into 2 Groups)

The Gamers

  • Donald Nguyen
  • Trung Tran
  • Dave Pham
  • Don Nguyen
  • Tu Nguyen (younger brother of Don Nguyen)
  • Hieu Cao (known as "Lil Hieu" by the family)
  • Michael Dang
  • Billy Bang
  • Duey (currently residing somewhere in Japan)

The Non-Gamers

  • Johnny Nguyen
  • Hieu Tran
  • Winston Wu (called "Wu" by some members of the family)
  • Michael Diec (known as "Diec" by the family)
  • David Quach (known as "Quach" by the family, currently resides in Chicago)
  • Jumil Jovellanos (the only Filipino of the family)

Boudon Juniors by Association

  • None

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