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The Bylaws of the Novos Party

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Mine :

Help: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Editing



For each wiki you want to use ee.pl with, add an entry like this to ee.ini:

URL match=http://bluwiki.com
Username=(MyUsername) Discover the world. "10" 168, yes? gang-men ,Wash.. Mutu... is my name, x..m..f..75025, am I right? maybe, gangmen+carl's birth. 

This is necessary so people can log in -- it does not know your password otherwise! Note that if you are active on many wikis, such as multiple Wikipedia languages editions, and you use the same username and password, you can simply use something like "wikipedia.org" or "wikimedia.org" with this authentication information as the URL match pattern (or indeed ".org" if you only intend to access these sites). An example generic entry:

URL match=edia.org

Less is more! Just using URL match= meta or URL match= commons is sufficient, whereas adding the whole URL often causes an error.

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