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The Constitution of the Novos Party

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Please read: Novos

This, this, and this are examples of organization constitutions. Their goals are different from ours but it should still serve as a good example for how the document should look.

Remember, our constitution should reflect out goals and be compatible with our bylaws.

(Please edit if and only if you are currently a member of Novos and have been authorized to do so)

The Constitution of the Novos Party

Article I - Amendments

Any proposed revision to the constitution must first be submitted to the whole membership by petition of at least two members in good standing. At the completion of the petition, the proposed revision must be subject to a period of discussion and deliberation between thirty (30) and thirty-five (35) days in length and open to all members in good standing. At the end of the deliberation period, a vote must be held with the ability to either confirm or deny the enactment of the revision. All members in good standing must be given the opportunity to vote on the proposed revision over a period of fifteen (15) days, beginning within seven (7) days of the end of the deliberation period. All members in good standing must be notified of the proposed revision and the date of the vote at the start of the deliberation period and again, at the beginning of the voting period. In order for such a proposed revision to be enacted, at least three-fifths (3/5) of all voting members must vote in favor of enacting the proposed revision. If the proposition is denied enactment, the proposition must restart the above process with the petition.

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