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The Finale

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The finale is the epic conclusion of the first ECRPG Kingdom Hearts plotline, involving an all-out assault on the homeworlds, bases, and leaders of the Heartless and Nobodies by the Lodgers and their allies.

  • Start date: June 14, 2006
  • End date: August 2006 (via cancellation)
  • Gamemaster: Multiple GMs
  • Involved players: Ali, Z Metalla, MT, Slash, Bishop, Gray, Digi
  • Main heroes: Jason Kizumet, Alisha Shatogi, Mecha Tails, All High Mimicker, Sora, Riku, Slash, Kari
  • Main villains: Cianlux, Halaxis, Faxkek, Kefka, Dri, Exdeath, Ana-me Nai, Dues, Kaxsm
  • Introducing: Erin
  • Story type: Spiritual Action/Adventure Drama
  • Rating: PG-13 for violence and language


Plot synopsis

Ending result

Whilst the final battles were never RPed, for the most part, the Lodgers defeated the leaders of the enemy factions, leaving the Heartless and Nobodies effectively leaderless. However, some of the higher enemies either got away or would be revealed to be still alive in one form or another. The highest enemy, Ana-me Nai, also got away in the end. Afterwards, the Lodgers got a decent vacation for a few months, until things would start up once again...

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