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The Other Benjamin Freedman Speech

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Seventeen More Lies of Benjamin Freedman

(1) "Now, in the Middle East, you know the situation. The United States has been supplying, since the end of World War II, 32 billion dollars of the taxpayer's money. 95% of that 32 billion dollars was used by the Congress of the United States, after you paid that money into the Treasury, to make the United States the accomplice, the ally, of thieves and murderers; to aid and abet them to hold on to their stolen loot -territory that they acquired by invading Palestine and driving the indigenous population out of the country that they had inhabited for 2,000 years!"

This is a terrible exaggeration. First of all, when this speech was given, we had only began really monetarily supporting Israel the previous year, during the Yom Kippur War. We did not aid Israel in the 1967 war -- in fact, we had explicitly warned Israel via Robert McNamara that any escalation of the conflict by Israel would have serious repercussions to the American-Israeli relationship.

Anyway, let's accept Freedman's figures for the moment: $32 billion dollars over twenty-nine years (1945-1974). That comes to an average of about $1.1 billion per year in aid to Zionists or Israel or what have you. Now the peak aid given to Israel was during the Reagan-Bush years, and that came to, at most, $5 billion per year. If Nixon had given the greatest amount of aid ever given to Israel in the year prior to this Freedman speech, Freedman would still be $28 billion off the mark. Certainly we provided some aid to Israel, but there is no way that it amounted to $32 billion in twenty-nine years. The relationship between the U.S. and Israel was far too volatile earlier for us to be funding them. We nearly went to war against Israel in 1956 over the Suez crisis and, as already noted, we were very angry about their actions in 1967.

Given a close reading of history, Freedman's figure simply isn't possible.

(2) "You have been told that by every media of mass information, including the pulpit, including every other means by which they can shape your thinking, that it is your Christian duty to help repatriate God's Chosen People to their promised land."

What's funny about this statement is that between 1969 and 1985, I was a Roman Catholic, attending mass every Sunday. I don't recall the priests every talking about Israel in church. And Catholicism is the single largest Christian denomination in not only the U.S., but the entire world.

(3) "But you will find that the Khazars were an Asian nation; they were a Mongoloid, Turko-Finn tribal nation in Asia. And they had so much trouble with the other nations there, who finally succeeded in driving them out of Asia, across the border, into what is known today as Russia, in the area of the Ukraine. They found, there, a lot of peaceful agricultural people, mostly Slavic, and they conquered them. They did the same thing then as they are still doing in the Middle East! They took them, for no reason at all, except the people weren't trained to fight! They established there, the Khazar Kingdom."

This is directly at variance with what Arthur Koestler, who Daryl Bradford Smith so shamelessly promotes on his Web site, writes in The Thirteen Tribe. Read Part IV of the book here:

What Koestler says is that Khazars requested the right to settle within the Russian Empire and were granted that permission. Nowhere does it say that they "conquered" the Slavic peoples there. And there was no Khazar Kingdom in Eastern Europe. According to Koestler and most other people, the Khazar Kingdom was in the Caucasus, between Russia and Turkey.

Again, all of this is beside the point, because the most recent genetic studies confirm that most Jews are not descended from the Khazars but are indeed Semites. Even the anti-Semitic "evolutionary psychologist" Kevin MacDonald says so in his book A People That Shall Dwell Alone: "Recent genetic studies have con-firmed the genetic integrity of Jewish groups discussed in Chapter 2 of PTSDA. These studies confirm the Middle Eastern origins of Jews and show that Jewish groups remained genetically separate from the peoples they lived among over the last 2000 years. Based on Y-chromosome data, Hammer et al. (2000) found, that various Jewish populations (Ashkenazi, North African, Kurdish, Yemenite, and Near Eastern) were not only closely related to each other, but also closely related to other Middle Eastern groups (Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians) and quite separate from European groups. On the assumption that there have been 80 generations since the founding of the Ashkenazi population, the rate of genetic admixture with Europeans has been less than half a percent per generation. This level of genetic admixture is consistent with supposing that there has been essentially no conversion of Europeans to become mating members of the Ashkenazi gene pool. The very low levels of genetic admixture with Europeans may well have come from clandestine matings and rape. Two other recent Y-chromosome studies also found that Israeli Jews derive from the Middle Eastern gene pool (Nebel et al. 2000, 2001). Nebel (2000) found that 70% of the Y chromosomes of Jews and 82% of the Y chromosomes of Palestinians belong to the same chromosome pool, suggesting a common ancestry. However, Nebel et al. (2001) found evidence that Jews are even more closely related to the Kurds. Muslim Kurds were located near Kurdish Jews and between Sephardic Jews and Ashkenazi Jews. When compared with European populations, Ashkenazi Jews were more genetically distant from European populations than they were from Sephardic Jews, and they were also closer to Arab populations (e.g., Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese). Sephardic Jews were genetically distant from both Spaniards and North Africans despite having lived among them for centuries. Indeed, they remain very close to Kurdish Jews, a finding the authors attribute to genetic continuity with Jews exiled by the Assyrians in 723 B.C. and the Babylonians in 586 B.C. Kurdish Jews remained closer genetically to Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews than to Kurdish Muslims, a truly remarkable finding, since it indicates no detectable genetic admixture between Kurdish Jews and their hosts over approximately 2700 years. Finally, despite some differences, there is a great deal of genetic affinity between Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jewish groups, confirming the findings of Hammer et al. (2000)."

Another point is that the Khazar kingdom became well known amongst jewish communities during that time as being the only jewish kingdom in the world. It became a safe haven for jews. Jews flooded into Khazaria from asia minor and the surrounding areas where they were fleeing from persecution. While the Khazar kingdom began as non-semetic it ended up with a large semetic population who then intermarried with the locals. This is why their descendents (majority of ashkenazi) are genetically related to other semetic groups. So it is totally false that descendents of Khazarian jews are not semetic, or not jewish by blood relation.

(4) "Now, those three pages in that Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol. 15, the 1911 Edition tells you who they are, how war-like, how savage, how barbarian they are, and that they succeeded in sweeping across Europe to the gates of Paris, and to Finland. They controlled all Europe - these Mongols known as Khazars! They did that from maybe the fourth century to the ninth century. And they were the most brutal people. They enslaved these people and exacted tribute from them, while holding them under their control - practically all Europe."

I checked the 1911 edition of Britannica's article on Khazars. Does it say what Freedman says? Nope. Paris isn't mentioned in the article. Neither is Finland. They most certainly did not conquer all of Europe, considering the almost complete absence of Jews outside of Spain, France, and Germany in Europe during this period.

(5) "Now, they were Phallic Worshipers. Anyone who doesn't know what Phallic worship means, I am not going to go into detail, but they were Phallic worshipers and they were so degenerate that when the king, their ruler, heard that there were such things as monotheistic forms of religious belief, (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) he sent for representatives of the three of them, and asked them to tell him the merits of their faith."

Phallic worshippers are penis worshippers. Anyway, the Khazars were not phallic worshippers. They were Tengriists.

Note that a search for the words phallic, phallus, and penis in the text of The Thirteenth Tribe turned up no hits. Again, Freedman's account is entirely different from that of Koestler.

(6) "Now, you have these people, organized, and all of a sudden, something developed. The last revolt that they started was in 1905. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, under the word, Bolshevism, one of the five rules for their revolt was: Never start until the armies of the country are engaged otherwise. And in 1905, when Russia was at war with Japan, in the Far East, they started their last revolt, - and they were slapped down, like every other one since the 11th century."

Again, the 1911 Britannica is online. There is no listing for Bolshevism contained within it.

Furthermore, the 1905 Revolution was not a revolution by only the Bolsheviks. Several other parties took roles, some more prominently than the Bolsheviks, and in fact, it was a much more widespread revolution against the tsar than either of the 1917 revolutions. It was a genuine popular uprising.

(7) "Mr. Schiff, with two young men, went down to see Mr. Taft, and he said, "Mr. Taft, . . . (I am not telling you this out of my memory. I almost know this by heart, because the books are here, in the Congressional Library. The people who were in the room with President Taft, at that time, and President Taft were told by Jacob H. Schiff) . . . "We want you to cancel the Most Favored Nation Treaty with Czarist Russia, and we want you to recall our Ambassador." The President told them, "Mr. Schiff, things are not what you represent them to be. My ambassador tells me differently." So, Mr. Schiff told him, in so many words, "Is you is, or is you ain't - going to do it?" When the President said that he would not do it, Mr. Schiff said "We will put a political party and a president in Washington, to whom we can dictate what they should do.""

What's interesting is that the President in 1905 wasn't Taft -- it was Theodore Roosevelt. That point aside, let's assume this meeting took place, and that it took place during the Taft Administration (1909-1913). Let's give Freedman a large benefit of doubt and say they met Taft at the very beginning of his presidency. So they put the Democrat Woodrow Wilson into the White House to do their bidding. Keep that in mind.

(8) "They got Woodrow Wilson, the man who had more ego than any man I have ever read about, they got him to head the Democratic Party. And they got into difficulties! Because the Democrats only got the Electoral votes in the South; where the people in agriculture wanted cheap goods from Europe. But the North wanted the Republicans. They found out they could not elect a President in the United States. So, I handled the money; I was the leg man, the errand boy (I was only a boy then.) They trotted Theodore Roosevelt out of the political "moth-balls" (He was then an editor of a magazine). They told him, "You are the indispensable man. You are the only man who can save the United States." And with his ego they formed the "Bull Moose Party" and Mr. Jacob H. Schiff and the Jews throughout the world - they got plenty of money from England - they formed the Bull Moose Party. And in that way they split the Republican vote between Roosevelt and Taft, and Mr. Wilson walked in with a minority of the popular vote - the lowest man, (and I knew the inside of his private life, which I don't want to go into here)."

Actually, with 41.8 percent of the popular vote, Wilson had a plurality. No other candidate has as many votes. Roosevelt and Taft each took about 25 percent of the votes. If this would seem to make Wilson's election illegitimate, consider that the following presidents have all been elected not by majority but by plurality, and some not by popular vote at all: John Quincy Adams (actually elected by the House of Reps); Polk; Taylor; Buchanan; Lincoln (first time); Hayes (fewer popular votes, won by electoral college); Garfield; Cleveland (both times); B. Harrison (fewer popular votes, won by electoral college); Wilson (second time); Truman; Kennedy; Nixon (first time); Clinton (both times); G.W. Bush (first time, fewer popular votes, election decided by Supreme Court).

(9) "When a vacancy appeared on the Supreme Court, Mr. Untermeyer recommended Mr. Brandeis. Mr. Brandeis was the number one Zionist in the United States; the head of them all, and he became very friendly with Wilson. And when the war with Germany broke out, the war between England, France, Russia, and Germany and Austria, the United States had nothing to do with it."

A few things don't add up here. First, as per usual, Freedman can't actually prove any of what he says. He merely says, "I was there," and we're supposed to believe him.

Anyway, why wouldn't the Jews that were so concerned with getting Wilson into the White House begin leaning on him immediately to break trade ties with Russia?

(10) "The Germans had brought out the submarines, and the Irish gave them two bases on the coast of Ireland, and they were sinking everything that brought food and ammunition to England, which under international law is correct. Now, when they saw that Great Britain was going to lose the war, the Jews were very much excited, because, up to that time, Germany was their best friend."

It's difficult to add it all up here, mainly because Freedman conveniently doesn't provide us with any dates. One thing we know for sure is that Germany did not turn to unlimited submarine warfare until January 1917, and even then they were deployed primarily against France. Yes, incidents such as the sinking of the Lusitania happened, but the key to winning on the Western Front, for the Germans, was not England but France.

All of Ireland was part of the U.K. in 1917. How it could have supplied bases for Germany, thus, is beyond me. It's possible Freedman is thinking of World War II.

(11) "So, when I was in Germany, 50% of the pupils in German schools were Jews from all over Europe."

Unless he's talking about universities, and even then it's a big stretch, education was compulsory for all citizens in Germany, and with a Jewish population of less than 1 percent before 1933, it's impossible for half of German students to have been Jewish.

(12) "Even the private bankers, the Hohenzollerns, were Jews."

Hohenzollern was the surname of the royal family of Germany. They were not Jews.

(13) "So, England was offered a Peace Treaty by Germany..."

I've already dealt with this, so I'm not going to belabor points already made, unless they're colossally stupid.

No peace treaties were offered. In fact, Germany changed its position to defensive in 1916. They were not doing well, withdrawing to the Hindenburg line within six months of when Freedman says they offered a peace treaty to England.

As noted elsewhere, England was already killing the Ottomans in the Mideast, and all the wartime correspondence indicates this.

(14) "Now, the United States got into World War I. How did they get in? They didn't know how to get us in, because the Germans leaned backwards."

Actually, they did no such thing. The Zimmermann Telegram, sent in January 1917, is proof of imminent attack by Germany via Mexico against the U.S.

(15) "A message was sent to Washington, that the S.S. Sussex, a ferry from Dover to Calais, had been torpedoed in the Channel and 38 Americans lost their lives! I'm not going to string this out, because I've got a lot of other things to tell you!"

Of course he's not going to string it out, because it isn't true. But where was this HMS Sussex thirteen years earlier, when Freedman addressed the American Nazi Party in Washington? He didn't mention it. Was it a new discovery? Maybe, but he never mentions the Zimmermann Telegram.

Furthermore, why get the U.S. into a war against Germany if the goal is to bring down Russia?

(16) "Pontius Pilate wrote on the crucifix on which our Lord and Savior was to be crucified, "Jesu Nasarenus Rex Iudoreum" which, translated, anybody that has had one year of Latin, knows that means "Jesus, the Nazarene, the Leader of the Judeans." "Leader of the Judeans," the genitive plural and "Rex" comes from "Rego" - "To lead."

No, Pilate wrote "Iesu Nasarenus Rex Iudoreum." There was no "J" in the Roman alphabet. "Rex" means "king," by the way, and "rego" means "I rule." The infinitive Latin form is "regere" -- "to rule."

(17) "Now, they were trying to "frame" our Lord and Savior, claiming that he was influencing the people not to pay taxes so that gold couldn't be shipped to Caesar. And that constituted rebellion. That's why the trial was held, and that's why Pontius Pilate put that up on the crucifix, "Leader of the Judeans" who were revolting against Rome."

See Mark 15:2

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