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The Thirteenth Order

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This article or section reflects a concept or character as it is in EC, which is not necessarily consistent with the original source material. Please see the relevant links at the end of the article for the canon.

(also known as Organization XIII or Juusan Kikan, lit. "Thirteenth Order", Thirteenth Order chosen OOC to differentiate from the original Organization of KH.)

A group of thirteen of the most powerful Nobodies. They ruled over the Nobodies in The World That Never Was and controlled a mass of hearts they believed to be Kingdom Hearts. There have been more than thirteen members total, some inhereting places in the Order when their predacessors in one way or another left the Order. Like the original Organization, they sought to become whole through collecting hearts, though some within the Order had a more sinister plan, that of attaining absolute power. They were defeated during the course of the Heartless War. Some members were never seen again after their defeat, some reuniting with their hearts, and others reincarnating to Forgotten.


I: Cianlux, the Superior, the Shadowing Conqueror

Element: Gravity
Weapon: odachi
Lessers: Mercenaries
Player: Ali

II: Xajek, the Master Slayer

Element: Neutrality
Weapon: multi weapon
Lessers: Zefers
Player: Slash

III: Saixilch, the Binding Oblivion

Element: Void
Weapon: Chakrams
Lessers: Starfish
Player: Ali

IV: Xemoga, the Destructive Reflection

Element: Mirror
Weapon: Mirrors
Lessers: Changelings
Player: Slash

V: Halaxis, the Deceitful Rose

Element: Mind
Weapon: Crossbow
Lessers: Mediums
Player: Ali

VI: Faxkek, the Statistical Juggler

Element: Status effects
Weapon: Heavy spear / double bladed sword
Lessers: Jesters
Player: Zent

VII (i): Duoclx, the Rebellious Foundation

Element: Earth
Weapon: Projectile Blade
Lessers: Luffs
Player: Zach

VII (ii): Xejses, the Spiteful Disuptor

Element: Chaos
Weapon: Twin sabers
Lessers: Knights
Player: MT

VIII: Rexae, the Manipulative Theory

Element: Sadness
Weapon: Soul Weaver
Lessers: Levos
Player: Zach

IX: Vexilsan, Assassin of the Rose

Element: Nature
Weapon: Scythe
Lessers: Ninjas
Player: Slash

X (i): Koxenu, the Melody of Death

Element: Sound
Weapon: Guitar and amps
Lessers: Arrows
Player: Slash

X (ii): Kaxsm, the Geist

Element: Protean
Weapon: Morph Hands
Lessers: Watchers
Player: Mask

XI: Xelnem, the Divine Knight

Element: Berserk
Weapon: Zweihander
Lessers: Omega Berserkers
Player: Slash

XII (i): Torxolshin, the Craftworker's Blade

Element: Metal
Weapon: Battleaxe
Lessers: Creators
Player: Ali

XII (ii): Xazek, the Rebirth.

Element: Light
Weapon: Revenge Blade
Lessers: Ronin Blades
Player: Slash

XIII (i): Lexinoc, the Song of the Siren

Element: Wind
Weapon: Flute/Baton
Lessers: Minstrels
Player: Ali

XIII (ii): Ixont, the Swift Punisher

Element: Speed
Weapon: Twin Spears
Lessers: Theives
Player: MT

XIII (iii): Desux, the Drifting Edge

Element: Antigravity
Weapon: Scythe
Lessers: unknown
Player: Gray

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