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This page is currently incomplete, however it eventually will meet the follow requirements:

  • Broadly define a BluWiki Sysop
  • Describe the role of a BluWiki Sysop
  • Describe how to apply to become a sysop (for right now, just message me).
  • Other misc. sysop stuff

The Role of a Sysop

Temporary modifications to the Sysop's role

Their role as it applies to Users

  1. Create and maintain a document that makes it clear to users what they can and can not do. This should be outlined in BluWiki:Policy.
  2. Work to improve the user experience on BluWiki, specifically the new user experience.
    1. This would include the improving BluWiki categorization project, with the goal of categorizing every page on BluWiki.
  3. Assist users with any problems they might experience, including:
    1. Maintaining a Help Page that answers common user questions
    2. Answering specific user questions (when reasonable)
    3. Deleting pages when requested. Also see Help:Deleting and BluWiki:Policy.
  4. Ensure that users do not act in a way that is destructive to the BluWiki community, including:
    1. Working to control the defacing of public or private BluWiki pages, which commonly occurs through "linkspam"
    2. Working to control the abuse of BluWiki resources (including the BluWiki server, the server's internet connection, and the public BluWiki namespace)

Their role as it applies to Sysops

  1. Create and maintain a document that specifies the role of a sysop (this page).
  2. Recruit and maintain a body of sysops that:
    1. Is large enough for each facet of the sysop's role (as outlined here) is performed to a satisfactory degree by at least one sysop.
    2. Yet is not excessively or unnecessarily large
  3. Ensure that other sysops do not engage in practices that harm the BluWiki community or decrease its attractiveness to others.

List of pages that need to be actively developed & maintained by sysops

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