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Thermacare Coupons

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ThermaCare has the latest innovation in heat therapy with their portable and durable HeatWraps. Their thermotherapy products provide heat that eases muscular and joint pain as well as long lasting relief for menstrual cramps through a revolutionizing warm whirlpool therapy.

ThermaCare HeatWraps have been specially designed for areas such as lower back & hips, for neck, wrist, & shoulder, for knees & elbows, and for menstrual pain. The HeatWraps use a targeted heat therapy technique where the product will generate heat and penetrate the target muscles, unlock any tightness, relax the muscles, and ultimately cause pain relief.

ThermaCare HeatWraps come in various sizes: small/medium and large/extra-large. They're also thin enough not to be noticed underneath your clothes and are flexible enough for you to easily maneuver your movements without the hassle of a patch.

The price range of ThermaCare HeatWraps generally range from about $5.24 to $6.99 each. They are available in local drugstores as well as online. You can purchase them from Costco.com, Amazon.com, CVS.com, or Drugstore.com.

ThermaCare Benefits & Savings

The products promise long lasting pain relief of up to 8 to 12 hours. For the consumer who suffers muscle every so often, the cost of purchasing ThermaCare HeatWraps can still be quite overwhelming. To alleviate possible high costs of regular ThermaCare purchases, you can use ThermaCare coupons. At ThermaCare's official website, you can avail yourself of a 3$ Discount coupon just by signing up.


They also have an electronic newsletter subscription called "Hot News" that will keep you updated as to what are ThermaCare's special offers and promotions. When signing up to get the "Save 3$ coupon" (which can significantly reduce the product's price to half), you will be required to submit your personal information---your name, email, address, date of birth, and gender. In order to provide you with customized offers and health information that fits your needs, the sign up form will ask you if there are any children under 18 years of age living in your house.

You will also be asked if you would like to receive periodic promotions and special promotions not only from ThermaCare but also from Pfizer. There is also brief survey which you will need to complete before you can proceed to printing your ThermaCare coupon.

The survey will ask you about how you have heard about their offer, how often do you use adult pain relievers like ThermaCare, which other adult pain relievers from Pfizer do you use, what specific ThermaCare products do you use, what are the symptoms or conditions you have been experiencing in the past year, and lastly, if you would recommend ThermaCare to a friend or relative. After you've completed the three sections, you will be directed to another webpage.

Printing Coupons

You will be given instructions regarding printing of the coupon. This ThermaCare coupon, however, can only be printed once and is limited only to one purchase. The coupon is valid for any two or more packs of the HeatWraps. After printing, bring the coupons with you on your next trip to your drugstore or grocery and present it when paying for your ThermaCare products.

WyethCoupons.com has a special offer. You can save $5 when you buy any ThermaCare or Advil products together: meaning, if you buy one Advil and one ThermaCare HeatWrap together, you get a $5 discount. The offer, however, is limited to two per person only. You will need to sign up for the special offer, though.

The process is similar to signing up for the $3 Off coupon at ThermaCare's official website except that there is no survey section. Pfizer's official website dedicated to Consumer Healthcare Special Offers provides an extensive list of coupon promotions, one of which is a ThermaCare Coupon that allows you to save $1 on any ThermaCare HeatWraps product. Once again, it will link you to a page where you have to sign up and register for the special offer.

Coupons Online

Apart from the official website of ThermaCare, you can also get printable ThermaCare coupons from other websites on the internet. One such website is FreeSampleFreak.com. They offer a $3 Off ThermaCare Printable Coupon. The same rule applies for this 3$ Off coupon---it is limited to one purchase only but it is valid for two or more packs of ThermaCare HeatWraps.

Sometimes, there are external sites which promote the product and give special offers in relation to it. For instance, a Free ThermaCare sample was given away to the first 10,000 people who liked ThermaCare HeatWraps' Facebook page (registration was a prerequisite).

Websites like Ebay and AuctionTwo.com offers ThermaCare coupons for sale, with bids starting at 99 cents and "buy it now" prices at $3 for a total of 20 coupons. These ThermaCare coupons will save you $3 when you purchase any two ThermaCare product.

Other Places to Find Coupons

Other websites which you can explore to find good deals on saving on your next ThermaCare purchases are CouponDad.net, DealSeekingMom.com, FoodCoupons.net, and CouponsTank.com. Some websites feature ThermaCare coupons that are bundled with other products.

ManyMoneySaversBlog.com offers a ThermaCare and Advil bundle coupon which will give you $5 off when you buy ThermaCare and Advil together, $3 off when you buy ThermaCare only, and $2off when you purchase only Advil. There are many coupon websites which you can visit and get the ThermaCare coupons that you need.

But it will be useful if you sign up with the official website's Hot News as it gives you instant notification if they have new offers and coupon deals.

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