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Tide Coupons

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About the Tide Brand

For over 60 years, the Tide brand has been one of America's favorite landry detergents, battling stains and keeping clothes fresh and clean. Part of the Procter and Gamble family of products, which also contains familiar faces like Bounty paper towels and Swiffer cleaning items, Tide continues to grow with innovative products for the modern consumer.

Tide detergents are available in both liquid and powder form to suit any user's preferences, and the line even offers a special dye and perfume free formula for children or adults that may have sensitive skin.

Tide detergent is also noteworthy for it's "team up" products that pair their powerful products with complementary products from the P&G family, including Downy fabric softener and Febreze fabric refresher. When the attributes of these items work together with Tide detergent, the result is cleaner, fresher clothes that are pleasing to even the most demanding consumer.

In addition, Tide offers special formulations for different washers, including high efficiency and cold water, the latter of which has earned the Better Housekeeping Green seal for its minimized impact on the environment.

Other Tide Products

For users with major stain issues, such as busy families, Tide sells products like its Tide to Go pen, a marker-like pen that dispenses concentrated pre-treatment for stains as they happen. If stains have to be dealt with later, Tide with Bleach and the newest member of the Tide line, Tide Stain Release, can take care of just about anything life can dish out on a shirt.

These special tablets are simply added to a regular load of clothes to boost the stain fighting power and brighten colors and whites.

When major catastrophic events like Hurricane Katrina disrupted the lives of Americans, Tide's Loads of Hope program stepped up to help restore normalcy. A unique effort, the Tide-run charity travels to the affected area with special trucks and vans equipped with high-efficiency washers and dryers to provide clean clothing to families struggling to restore order in their lives.

Tide the Company

Tide washes, dries, and folds the clothing for the families, doing over 300 loads of laundry per day to support the community on its mission to rebuild. Throughout the year, the Loads of Hope program also sells vintage logo Tide T-shirts, directing 100% of the profits to fund its efforts.

Tide Coupons

Tide Coupons

Tide's parent company, Procter and Gamble, distributes money saving tide coupons a number of ways to consumers. The first, and perhaps the most well-known, is inside Sunday newspapers across the country. Usually, the best tide coupons can be found in an insert called the "P&G Brand Saver", which joins other inserts from companies like Smart Source and Red Plum each week.

This coupon insert contains savings on many different P&G products, Tide included. Typically, the Tide coupons in the P&G Brand Saver will be less than a dollar to allow customers to take advantage of grocery store policies that double manufacturer's coupon values.

A little-known way to save money on Tide is through secret coupons found inside certain Tide packages. A small travel size, called a sink size, is often available in the travel size section of most grocery stores' cosmetic aisles. With three small packets of Tide inside, the front label of the package peels off to reveal a $1 off any size Tide.

The sink size package itself is considered a Tide product, so the coupon can be used to buy another sink size for free if the store charges $1 or less, which is common. Using this method, sink size packets, which are simply small packets of regular Tide liquid, can potentially be stockpiled for only a dollar of initial investment.

Sign Up for Coupons

To ensure maximum savings on detergent, stain release tablets, and more, signing up for P&G's newsletter at Pgeverydaysolutions.com is the best route to follow. In addition to monthly email newsletters that will follow shortly after signing up, consumers that are in the newsletter program will be the first to hear about the launch of new products or scents.

Complementing the P&G Brand Savers email newsletter is the P&G Brand Sampler program, in which curious users will get the chance to try new products, often before they hit the shelves. In addition to generous samples (samplers received a full size bag of stain release tablets in a recent trial run), high-value Tide coupons of a dollar or more for the sampled product are included regularly.

Even if a bottle of detergent is already in the household, the large sample size packets of Tide liquid given through this program are ideal for taking on vacations and getaways.

Tide on Facebook

Finally, as with most modern companies, "following" Tide's facebook page, found at Facebook.Com/Tide, will offer the most current glimpse of contests, giveaways, and coupons to the savvy shopper. Tide sample giveaways are given at scheduled times through facebook links, but for those samplers that don't make it in time, coupons are often given out as a consolation prize.

Commenting often, asking questions, and leaving compliments is a good way to get noticed on the official page, and will provide a fast route to getting questions like "Will there be a coupon in this week's Sunday paper?" answered quickly and officially. Writing the company directly with trusty pen and paper to ask for coupons is a tried-and-true method that less tech-savvy, or customers can try picking up the phone and dialing 1-800-879-8433 to let P&G and Tide know how much they love their products!

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