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This wiki was set up for you, the user, to:

  Voice your suggestions and comments about TimeDesign.
  Try and get assistance with your timetabling problems.
  Assist others with their timetabling problems.
  Tell us about a novel way you where able to make use of TimeDesign's features.
  Any timetabling related issue you may care to discuss.

Current Pages

You are welcome to add your own timetabling related work here. Please respect any copyright issues that may exist on any materials.

Helpful Links

  • Editing Help - If you need a crash course on how to edit these pages.
  • TimeDesign - The official TimeDesign website where you can download TimeDesign.


Please refrain from any derogatory comments or foul language. Anything you type here can be altered or modified by any of the contributors. Please do not place any form of copyrighted material on this wiki. If the item is available for public download/viewing, rather place an external link to that page.

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